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Our market research experience speaks for itself.

Strategy without research is just an opinion.

Great marketing campaigns and strategies are built upon strong insights and market intelligence. TEAM LEWIS Research helps clients by conducting primary and secondary research to uncover actionable insights to drive brand performance.

Everyday, we support a variety of global projects, providing support with conducting brand surveys, thought leadership research, PR research and reporting on the current media landscape, social media audits and competitor analysis, and everything in between.

The world is changing rapidly. Are you adapting and listening to the needs of your customers with tailored market research solutions?

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Our Market Research Expertise

We’re the Market Research Agency that:
  • Crafted a custom survey for a global fashion brand that sparked buzz at Brandweek 

  • Delved into audience segmentation and social chatter to help a cybersecurity organization fine-tune its messaging to different types of customers  

  • Stayed ahead of industry trends, guiding a leading AI and cloud networking company’s supply chain strategy 

  • Improved an EV car brand’s website by conducting a UX analysis to understand why prospective customers were dropping out of the online car building process 

Our Research Approach

TEAM LEWIS follows the industry standards and protocols outlined by the Insights Association – the leading voice, resource and network of the marketing research and data analytics community.  

Our expert team leverages qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research tactics to refine marketing and PR strategies for B2B and consumer brands. The insights we gather help to tailor our clients’ strategies to refine and adjust everything from product and service options to messaging and ad campaigns. 

Whether you are looking to build your brand, explore your market, have a deeper understanding of your audience, or refine your strategy, TEAM LEWIS’ market research and intelligence services have you covered.  

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What We Do Best:

  • Thought Leadership Research & Brand Surveys 
  • Message & Ad Testing  
  • Competitive Audits & Industry Trends Assessments 
  • Social Listening & Influencer Identification  
  • Media Measurement & Gathering Audience Insights 
  • Omnibus Surveys  
  • Customer Journey & User Experience Research 
  • Focus Groups & In-Depth Interviews 

How We Can Help:

  • Develop customized quantitative and qualitative market research studies, including brand surveys and research for PR 
  • Conduct global research, with 80%+ of our research studies covering more than one market  
  • Craft PR surveys that return newsworthy findings and top-tier media coverage 
  • Work with speed and agility, getting you high-quality data and results fast 
  • Provide actionable insights that support PR and digital marketing strategies 

Using Original Research to Establish a Global Thought Leader

Schneider Electric was looking to become a primary thought leader in the edge computing landscape, using original research to generate relevant media coverage topics.

TEAM LEWIS designed a custom survey of 1,150 IT decision makers in the manufacturing, healthcare, and higher education industries. Our team analyzed the findings to create a detailed report on familiarity and usage of edge computing, the benefits and challenges of edge computing, and forward-looking applications of edge computing. TEAM LEWIS’ creative team developed a series of assets to promote the research report and the PR team led a media blitz by disseminating the data through a press release and extensive media outreach.


- 3.8+ million impressions

- 9+ pieces of coverage in the first month

-13 page, creatively designed report of the findings

- Integrated asset mix of video, PowerPoint presentations, and 4 separate whitepapers

Global Reach

We're a marketing research agency with expertise supporting clients across B2B and consumer verticals. With 25+ offices around the world our marketing research projects for clients and causes span the globe. No matter the time zone, language or task at hand – we're a company with the experience and expertise to deliver impactful campaigns with research-backed insights and strategies.

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