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In 1981 Pizza Hut became the first pizza brand to open a restaurant in Singapore. Since then, it’s become a favourite especially amongst an older generation of Singaporeans.

Fast forward to 2023, and Pizza Hut Singapore was launching a new product – Pizza Hut Melts. Our brief was to leverage the product to redefine the brand. This meant moving it away from being an occasional treat to an everyday staple. With the influx of food brands seeking attention amongst the Gen Z and Millennials, how would we gain their attention to try the new product?


Through market research, we learned that our audience of Gen Z and Millennials had much higher levels of anxiety. These included competition in school, work and even while gaming. We found that two thirds of Gen Z suffer from anxiety and depression, whilst a third of Millennials experience stress all or most of the time. With that in mind, we introduced Pizza Hut Melts as a disruptor – breaking the cycle of pressure to identify with and relate to a new generation of Singaporeans.


For the integrated marketing strategy, three individual 22s videos were created with three key target audiences in mind. These were the Student, Salaryman and Gamer. This targeted segments of our markets and ensured the message stayed relevant to the wider group. Accompanying the campaigns were media visuals featuring the key characters for OOH and digital adaptations.

The campaign tagline played on the concept of “It’s Melts Time” to drive home the value proposition of “Me Time”. In each piece of content, the subject is featured in a stressful situation that resolves as Pizza Hut Melts melt away the chaos and stress. As a 360 integrated marketing campaign, PR and influencer engagement helped to further develop the buzz. A team also hit the streets with the product for taste tests with consumers.

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