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29 March 2018


How to Prepare for Holistic Rapid Response

When relevant news breaks – you have two choices. Watch from the sidelines as your competitors steal the limelight or jump in yourself. But jumping on breaking news can either generate media attention, web traffic, social media engagement and new customers (along with an exhilarating rush), or the exhaustion of a last-minute chase without satisfying results. The determining factor for success is – preparing your public relations, social media and digital marketing teams in unison.

To catch today’s fast-paced news cycle, communications and marketing teams must move even faster. Without knowing the news on the horizon, how can you create a game plan to insert your brand into conversations and searches? Press coverage, social media engagement and optimized search, display and biddable media – are the bounties of strategic planning for rapid response opportunities.

In this free webinar, with Dara Sklar, VP, Public Relations and Nicole Allen, VP, LEWIS Pulse, you will learn from real-world examples how to tee up your team to jump into the next turn of the news cycle including:

  • Predetermining breaking news topics and executive POV
  • Guidelines for crafting compelling commentary & creative content
  • Determining which influencers to engage
  • How to set up SEO in advance
  • Preparing images, potential copy and headlines to quickly turn on Native Ads or Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Biddable media & SEM


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