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Your COVID-19 Toolkit

The impacts of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 are being felt across industries globally. In times of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, it is now more important than ever for resources and help to be readily available. Whether it is implementing business continuity plans, adjusting value propositions to align with the evolving crisis, strengthening strategic muscles or preparing for post pandemic, we are here to help.



BBC News

Biden reveals plan to tackle US Covid-19 pandemic

The US president-elect says the nationwide vaccine rollout so far has been a 'dismal failure'. Also: France to extend a six pm curfew across the country, and fake news 'causing UK South Asians to reject jab'.

WHO team arrives in China

Team of experts is in the city of Wuhan to investigate the origin of coronavirus. Also, Germany records sharp economic decline, and a Spanish island asks people to stop talking on public transport to stop the spread of the disease.

UK variant has reached 50 countries and territories, WHO says

The coronavirus variant first detected in England has spread around the world. Also, a new study shows that doctors and nurses are suffering serious mental health problems from their work during the pandemic. And Indonesia launches its vaccination ca…

Malaysia: state of emergency declared because of virus

PM vows to hold a general election as soon as outbreak is under control in his country following accusations that the state of emergency is keeping his fragile government in office. Also: Britain sees the biggest increase in deaths in a single year s…

Indonesia approves Chinese-made vaccine

A trial in Indonesia concluded that the jab was 65% effective. Also: China records its biggest jump in new infections in more than five months, and the Scottish football club Celtic is to play this evening despite the majority of its first-team playe…

The Economist | Business

Branding lessons from Rizla

How to become a household name…

Why prospects for post-Trump social media aren’t all bad

Banning the troll-in-chief is unlikely to hurt social networks’ business…

How Inditex is refashioning its business model

The owner of Zara is tailoring its operations to fit online shoppers…

CES upstages the Detroit Motor Show as cars go electronic

Carmakers look to Las Vegas while big tech heads for Detroit. Will they collide?

American trustbusters force Visa to back off Plaid

The Department of Justice signals a new, pre-emptive approach to antitrust…

The Economist | International

Political theorists have been worrying about mob rule for 2,000 years

Plato’s “Republic” was, in part, a meditation on the evils of mob rule…

The expulsion of Donald Trump marks a watershed for Facebook and Twitter

Assailed from both right and left, the social-media giants will face ever closer scrutiny…

The Capitol riot is a godsend for America's critics

From glee to embarrassment, the international reaction to the events of January 6th…

Wikipedia is 20, and its reputation has never been higher

The crowdsourced encyclopedia is a welcome oddity on the modern internet…

Laws to catch human-rights abusers are growing teeth

Despite the best efforts of China, Russia and other illiberal powers to de-fang them…

The Guardian

Pelosi says lawmakers may be prosecuted if they 'aided and abetted' US Capitol riot – live

‘Justice is called for,’ says House speakerDoJ inspector general also launches review of Capitol riotUS suffers as Covid rages and vaccination campaign faltersBillionaires backed Republicans aiming to reverse election resultsKamala Harris: how wi…

Coronavirus live news: more than 2m people worldwide have died after contracting Covid

Grim milestone comes as Joe Biden’s incoming chief of staff says 500,000 could die in US next month; EU states raise concerns about Pfizer slowdownGerman vaccine officials forced to guess who is eligible from namesUS suffers bleak January as Covid…

What next for Trump's trusty New Zealander?

Chris Liddell says he is staying for Trump’s last days to help manage a ‘volatile’ time, but after Biden takes office he seems destined for a return homeHe is Trump’s trusty New Zealander, his right-hand man, one of only a handful of advisers…

Questions will be asked over timing of closing UK travel corridors

Analysis: poor implementation ends another week of shifting Covid policy by the governmentCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe announced closure of all international travel corridors to the UK marks the end of another wee…

Australian professor and his son freed after being allegedly tortured in Qatar

Exclusive: Prof Lukman Thalib and son Ismail freed after being held in secret for five monthsAn Australian public health professor allegedly tortured and held in secret in a Qatari jail cell has been freed after five months detention, the Guardian ca…


Group Nine’s SPAC goes public

Group Nine Media revealed last month that it was forming a SPAC (short for special purpose acquisition corporation) in order to raise money for acquisitions. The company has now moved forward with those plans, announcing last night that it had priced…

Apple is extending Apple TV+ trials again

If you’ve got an Apple TV+ trial that’s set to expire sometime between now and June, good news: you’re getting some free bonus time. Apple TV+ first launched in November of 2019, alongside a one-year free trial for anyone buying a n…

Desktop Metal buys fellow 3D printing company EnvisionTEC for $300M

Desktop Metal this morning announced its intention to purchase fellow 3D printing company EnvisionTEC. Founded in Germany in 2002, EnvisionTEC specializes in photopolymer additive manufacturing, putting its technology in more direct competition with…

WhatsApp delays enforcement of privacy terms by 3 months, following backlash

WhatsApp said on Friday that it won’t enforce the planned update to its data-sharing policy until May 15, weeks after news about the new terms created confusion among its users, exposed the Facebook app to a potential lawsuit, triggered a natio…

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson says wisdom lies with your developers

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson knows a thing or two about unleashing developers. His company has garnered a market cap of almost $60 billion by creating a set of tools to make it easy for programmers to insert a whole host of communications functionality int…

Wall Street Journal

Mexico Accuses U.S. of Fabricating Drug Charges Against General

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of trying to strain relations between the two countries and said his administration supports the decision of Mexico’s attorney general not to prosecute…

Family of Lockerbie Bomber to File New Appeal After Losing Latest Case

The family of the Libyan national convicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988 is lodging an appeal with the U.K. Supreme Court after Scottish judges threw out their bid to overturn his conviction.

Ugandan Presidential Candidate Says Soldiers Stormed His Home

“We are in serious trouble,” candidate Bobi Wine said a day after Uganda’s election, raising fears of unrest, with election results expected on Saturday.

Russia to Follow U.S. in Leaving Open Skies Treaty

Russia will follow the U.S. in withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty, stripping away some of the last arms-control architecture designed to prevent armed conflict between Moscow and the West.

U.K. Vaccination Plan Puts Elderly First but Delays Possible Herd Immunity

Britain—like other Western countries—has prioritized inoculating elderly people, calculating that the strategy will slash Covid-19 deaths even if it won’t stop the disease’s spread.


Faster Vaccinations, New Mutations, and More Coronavirus News

Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

Watch Highlights From WIRED's CES Conversations

Check out the replays of our talks with former US defense secretary Ash Carter, Nobel laureate Jennifer A. Doudna, Slack CEO Scott Butterfield, and more.

Ex-CISA Head Chris Krebs: ‘Impeachment Is the Right Mechanism’

In an interview with WIRED, the famously fired DHS official shared insights on election security, disinformation, SolarWinds—and what to do about Trump.

With Discovery, Star Trek Is Finally Moving Forward

The show's third season jumps forward 1,000 years into the future. It helped the show not stay mired in old ideas.

New York Times

Does a Woman ‘Walking’ Her Boyfriend on a Leash Signal Covid Ennui?

Coronavirus restrictions across Canada, including a new curfew in Quebec, are fraying patience and spurring protests in some quarters.

Hong Kong Elvis Impersonator Dies at 68

Mr. Kwok, who busked in the Chinese territory for 28 years, was hardly the first Elvis Presley impersonator in Asia. But he may have been the most committed.

A Mix of Pride and Doubts as Modi Launches India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Drive

One of the world’s largest inoculation programs is set to begin on Saturday, but experts have questioned the data behind one of the country’s two vaccines — and patients don’t get to pick their shot.

Uganda Forces Surround Home of Opposition Leader Bobi Wine

One day after the election, Bobi Wine, the top rival to the incumbent president, sounded an alert from his home, saying, “We are under siege.”…

Fiji Will Lead U.N. Rights Body, Over Russian and Chinese Opposition

The vote ended a proxy battle waged by China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, which sought to strengthen their influence by installing a more compliant candidate.

South China Morning Post

United States imposes sanctions on six pro-China officials over Hong Kong mass arrests

The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on six officials including Hong Kong’s sole representative to China’s top lawmaking body over mass arrests of pro-democracy activists in the financial hub.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in the latest…

Department of Justice internal watchdog opens investigation into riots at US Capitol building

This story is published in a content partnership with POLITICO. It was originally reported by Nick Niedzwiadek on on January 15, 2021. The Department of Justice announced on Friday it has initiated an internal review of its response to…

China need not fear the challenge of a racist, crumbling West

Oswald Spengler, the prophet of the decline of the West, left a terrible question for the West more than a century ago. If the decline of the West is caused by its own doing, then it has no one to blame. But if the rise of non-white people causes the…

At least four suspects released on bail after being accused of helping Hong Kong fugitives flee, others expected to follow, source says

All suspects still in custody on suspicion of helping a dozen Hong Kong fugitives flee the city last year were expected to be released on bail by Friday night, the Post has learned.At least four of the 11 arrested by the police force’s National Sec…

The time for China’s rise has come, security chief tells law enforcers

A Chinese Communist Party official responsible for the country’s security apparatus has told law enforcers that the time for China’s rise has come but the struggle with the US will be a “long protracted battle”.Chen Yixin, secretary general o…

World Health Organization

Influenza A(H1N2) variant virus – Brazil

On 15 December 2020, the Brazil Ministry of Health reported the second confirmed human infection with influenza A(H1N2) variant virus [A(H1N2)v] in Brazil in 2020.

Cholera – Togo

From 11 November to 28 December, 2020 a total of 67 suspected cholera cases presenting with diarrhea and vomiting, including two deaths a case fatality ratio (CFR: 3%) were reported from the municipalities “Golfe 1” and “Golfe 6” in Lomé, To…

SARS-CoV-2 Variants

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has had a major impact on human health globally; infecting a large number of people; causing severe disease and associated long-term health sequelae; resulting in death and excess mortality, especially amon…

Yellow fever – Senegal

From October to December 2020, a total of seven confirmed cases of yellow fever (YF) have been reported from four health districts in three regions in Senegal.

Yellow fever – Guinea

Between 6 November and 15 December 2020, 52 suspected cases of yellow fever (YF), including 14…


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