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Your COVID-19 Toolkit

The impacts of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 are being felt across industries globally. In times of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, it is now more important than ever for resources and help to be readily available. Whether it is implementing business continuity plans, adjusting value propositions to align with the evolving crisis, strengthening strategic muscles or preparing for post pandemic, we are here to help.



BBC News

Long Covid: Who is more at risk?

Scientists say age, asthma, weight and being female increase the risk of developing it. Also: human rights officials condemn Nepal for making people pay for treatment, and the impact of sound on lockdown.

Volunteers to be infected with Covid-19

Up to 90 volunteers will be vaccinated, then infected, in vaccine research. Also: cases in India fall - and rise in Argentina, and Sweden urges the elderly to socialise more.

China's economic recovery continues

Chinese figures show the country sustained its rebound from lockdowns for the 3rd quarter. Also: global cases pass 40 million with more than 1.1 million deaths, and countering virus disinformation.

Tough new restrictions across Europe

Curbs for millions - as governments step up efforts to slow the surge in infections. Also: the 'lost generation' of young people, and the Dutch royal family's holiday - cut short after just one day.

Queues in China for experimental vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine is available to the public in the city of Yiwu under an emergency use programme. Also: why flying on an aeroplane during the pandemic may be safer than you might think, and could high doses of vitamin D offer protection against t…

The Economist | Business

American trustbusters take on Google

The case against the technology giant is at once narrow and grand…

Convenience stores may benefit from covid-19—if they adapt

Minimarts let people shop little, often and locally—just the ticket in pandemic times…

Why Chinese firms still flock to American stock exchanges

Washington is increasingly hostile to Chinese firms. Not Wall Street…

Should big tech save newspapers?

No. They need to save themselves…

The Economist | International

The scandal-hit market for passports and long-term visas is booming

The urge to escape covid-19 has given it a boost…

The pandemic has eroded democracy and respect for human rights

Strongmen have taken advantage of covid-19 in numerous ways…

Across the world central governments face local covid-19 revolts

Devolved decision-making helps; but tensions between tiers of government are inevitable…

Covid-19 is helping wealthy countries talk about death

Amid mass mortality, a taboo is fading…

The World Food Programme’s peace prize may actually do some good

In a hungry world, the WFP is more needed than ever; and it is short of cash…

The Guardian

Australian politics live: Victoria reports five new Covid cases as Melbourne goes on high alert

A school student in Melbourne’s north tested positive to coronavirus, putting the suburbs of Dallas, Roxburgh Park, Broadmeadows, Preston and West Heidelberg on high alert. Follow liveFollow our global live blogFull Australian Covid stats; Covid re…

'Remember what this country can be': Obama stumps for Biden in swing state Pennsylvania – live

Biden ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania while the two are tied in TexasTrump cuts short interview as Covid stimulus bill moves closerReport: Trump paid nearly $200,000 in taxes to ChinaFlorida accused of sowing confusion with voting changesVideo: how Tr…

Coronavirus live news: France nears 1m cases as four US states see record one-day deaths

Spain becomes first western European country to pass 1m cases; Rome among latest to bring in curfew; German health minister has Covid-19. Follow the latest updatesSpain is first western European country to pass 1m cases300,000 excess US deaths record…

Crisis fermenting as cabbage shortage hits South Korea's kimchi culture

Rainy weather means households are struggling to find affordable ingredients for spicy pickleSouth Koreans are facing a shortage of a beloved dietary staple after a summer of extreme weather destroyed crops of cabbages – the main ingredient of kimc…

Met police apologise over errors in racist attack investigation

Victim of attack Niyad Farah says officers who questioned her discriminated against her The Metropolitan police has apologised for errors made in an investigation into a vicious racist attack. The victim says the errors resulted from discrimination b…


This former Tesla CIO just raised $150 million more to pull car dealers into the 21st century

“I have to choose my words carefully,” says Joe Castelino of Stevens Creek Volkswagen in San Jose, California, when asked about the software on which most car dealerships rely for inventory information, to manage marketing, to handle cust…

Tesla is a chain of startups, Elon Musk explains

Today during a call with investors and journalists, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked to expand a tweet from yesterday. In it, he stated: “Tesla should really be thought of as roughly a dozen technology startups, many of which have little to no cor…

Daily Crunch: Quibi is shutting down

The end is in sight for Quibi, PayPal adds cryptocurrency support and Netflix tests a new promotional strategy. This is your Daily Crunch for October 21, 2020. The big story: Quibi is shutting down The much-hyped streaming video app led by Jeffrey Ka…

4 quick bites and obituaries on Quibi (RIP 2020-2020)

In memory of the death of Quibi, here’s a quick sendoff from four of our writers who came together to discuss what we can learn from Quibi’s amazing, instantaneous, billions-of-dollars failure. Lucas Matney looks at what the potential was…

Gillmor Gang: Something Goes Right

Here we sit in the valley of predespair, 2 weeks ahead of the election and God knows where we are in the pandemic. As my partner Tina says to me on this once glorious sunny day (the view formerly known as the Pacific Ocean has been replaced by the fo…

Wall Street Journal

Pope Francis Backs Civil Unions for Gay Couples, in Shift for Vatican

Pope Francis endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples, in a move that is likely to intensify the already heated controversy over the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

France Honors the Memory of Beheaded Teacher Samuel Paty

President Emmanuel Macron led a national tribute to Samuel Paty, who was beheaded after showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in class as part of a lesson on free speech.

Bolivia Chose a New President. Will the Former One Let Him Govern?

Bolivia’s president-elect, Luis Arce, faces a host of challenges. Perhaps the biggest: making sure ex-President Evo Morales doesn’t get in his way.

Hospitals Brace for Europe's Second Covid-19 Wave

Europe’s second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is reviving the pressure on hospitals in the worst-hit cities, and forcing health-care systems across the continent to devise contingency plans that draw on the lessons of this spring’s deadly firs…

German Authorities Probe Tourist's Killing as Possible Islamist Terrorist Attack

German authorities are treating the killing of a tourist earlier this month as a possible act of terror after they detained an Islamic State supporter as their prime suspect, prosecutors said on Wednesday.


How to Watch the Final 2020 Presidential Debate

Joe Biden and Donald Trump square off for the second and last time on a debate stage Thursday night in Nashville.

The Left and the Right Speak Different Languages—Literally

A study analyzing patterns in online comments found that liberals and conservatives use different words to express similar ideas.

How the ‘Diabolical’ Beetle Survives Being Run Over by a Car

The puny insect can withstand forces 39,000 times its body weight. Scientists just discovered its super-strength secret—which could inspire new materials.

A Deepfake Porn Bot Is Being Used to Abuse Thousands of Women

An AI tool that “removes” items of clothing from photos has targeted more than 100,000 women, some of whom appear to be under the age of 18.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Review: A Drab, but Reliable Phone

This unlocked mid-range smartphone is a reliable buy, even if it's not all that exciting.

New York Times

Hurricane Epsilon Is 10th of the Season

The storm is the 10th hurricane of the season. A tropical storm warning is in effect for Bermuda.

South Korea Tries to Quell Anxiety Over Flu Shots After 9 Unexplained Deaths

Health officials say there is no link between the deaths and the flu vaccines. But the deaths, after two recent vaccine recalls, have raised safety fears among the public at a critical time.

Pope Francis, in Shift for Church, Voices Support for Same-Sex Civil Unions

The comments, shown in a new documentary, are the strongest yet from a pontificate that has taken a more tolerant and inclusive tone.

A Dozen Protesters in Nigeria Reported Killed by Security Forces

Nigerians are stunned after police and soldiers opened fire on protesters against police brutality. The largely peaceful demonstrations have grown into a challenge for the government.

South China Morning Post

Thailand protests: parliament to hold special session, with business community wary of further economic fallout

In Thailand, lawmakers will meet on Monday to discuss ways to end an escalating protest movement calling for the ouster of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s government and the reform of the monarchy, with the local business community wary of furth…

Donald Trump: biography, facts, wealth, health and presidency

The world is still learning things about Donald Trump four years after he was elected US president. Here’s what we know as he fights to stay in power.Family rootsDonald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York and his ancestry can be tra…

US State Department approves potential arms sales to Taiwan worth US$1.8 billion

The US State Department has approved the potential sale of three weapons systems to Taiwan, including sensors, missiles and artillery that could have a total value of $1.8 billion, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.Reuters reported last week that the Wh…

South Korea’s Asean strategy needs sturdy pillars of understanding to succeed

South Korea’s New Southern Policy (NSP) has been a welcome addition in Southeast Asia and has significantly expanded Seoul’s economic, cultural and developmental role in the region. But it needs a “boost” to capture more traction with Asean.

Can slimmed-down Cathay Pacific still protect Hong Kong’s status as global aviation hub?

Cathay Pacific Airways’ restructuring raises the question of whether mass lay-offs will be enough to ensure the carrier’s long-term survival, which is critical for Hong Kong to keep its role as a global aviation hub, according to government advis…

World Health Organization

Oropouche virus disease - French Guiana, France

On 30 September 2020, the French Guiana Regional Health Agency (ARS) reported the first detection of Oropouche virus (OROV) in French Guiana. On 22 September 2020 the Pasteur Institute in Cayenne (a member of the French National Reference Laboratory…

Monkeypox – Democratic Republic of the Congo

From 1 January through 13 September 2020, a total of 4,594 suspected cases of monkeypox, including 171 deaths (case fatality ratio 3.7%), have been reported in 127 health zones from 17 out of 26 provinces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The…

Chikungunya – Chad

On 28 August 2020, the National IHR Focal Point of Chad notified WHO of an outbreak of chikungunya in Abéché, eastern Chad.

Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Three months after the declaration of the eleventh Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the number of confirmed cases continues to increase, and the geographic spread of the outbreak continues to…

Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Sudan

On 9 August 2020, the Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan notified WHO of the detection of a…


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