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Our market research services arm strengthens the agency’s ability to serve clients from a complete 360 degree vantage point. We ensure market strategies are set up for success by equipping clients with an in-depth understanding of their target industries, markets, communities and audiences.

Using primary and secondary market research techniques, LEWIS’ research services weaves data-backed, actionable insights into the basis of all marketing strategy recommendations. Whether conducting focus groups on a new product, fielding a survey among IT professionals on how to integrate blockchain technology, or interviewing business leaders on ways they’re attracting Gen Zers, market research is key to championing strategic differentiators in today’s noisy markets.

The LEWIS Approach

Structured Share of Voice

SOV comparisons are an excellent way to quickly compare overall conversations and media coverage of competitive brands, but they can be flawed as they compare incompatible data types. We developed a methodology called a Structured Share of Voice to help bypass those issues and create comparisons between competitors, ultimately driving strategy and understanding in campaigns.

Earned Impact Metric

How much value do your brand awareness campaign efforts really bring in? We created the Earned Impact Metric by tracking a representative sample of organisations’ SEO and SEM campaign across earned media placements. The Earned Impact Metric demonstrates the value of PR campaigns, aligns PR and SEO/SEM marketing efforts, and helps optimise overarching campaigns for products and services.

Relevancy Quotient

Brands today are told that they need to be relevant at all times in order to maximise media and sales opportunities. We know all tech brands aren’t Google and all consumer brands may not possess the Apple brand experience, but all brands should still be asking themselves “How has relevance impacted my customer’s buying process?” Applying Just-in-Time theories to media measurement, LEWIS created the Relevancy Quotient to inform how earned media placements can influence brand perceptions and buying indicators.

Data Security Is Important to Us

LEWIS complies with all Safe Harbor laws to ensure respondent data from internal client lists are handled in the strictest adherence of data privacy laws. We partner with Imperium to ensure data integrity.

LEWIS market research services offer insights that improve decision making and help reach brand objectives. The quickest way to waste money on a market research project is to work with data or respondent sources that lack a quality standard. LEWIS takes pride in producing high quality research. We are the world’s first integrated communications agency to partner with a data quality and anti-fraud organisation to ensure we provide the highest quality of research to our clients. We only work with research respondents from sources that adhere to Imperium’s digital fingerprinting and fraud prevention standards.


LEWIS is also a proud member of the Insights Association, the leading voice, resource and network of the marketing research and data analytics community.


LEWIS’ measurement model keeps the most important set of KPIs and business performance outcomes at the centre of everything we do. Our market research methodology is tailored to each client’s market intelligence needs. The agency has adapted the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) framework to develop a best-in-class media measurement approach that pinpoints how media and PR campaigns impact organisational objectives.


Brand and Strategy Research

Our team of market researchers track current media impact on a brand, conduct reputational analyses and provide findings on brand elements such as awareness, sentiment, perceptions, attributes and associations.

Whether it’s providing research projects that cover market sizing, persona creation, customer perceptions or voice of the customer, LEWIS’ market research has you covered. Our 5-step method ensures your brand secures actionable results to develop and deploy internal and external marketing, PR and digital strategies.

brand and strategy research

Content Creation

We provide quantitative and qualitative research for decision-making, thought leadership, PR and content marketing. Our market research services team can repurpose existing data or lead new market trends projects to deliver newsworthy statistics and trends in as little as 72 hours.

Research for Ink

Market research intended to generate targeted media interest is unlike most research study methods – so why should your approach be the same? Our proprietary process blends traditional marketing research practices with cutting edge public relations tactics to ensure your research project achieves the media attention it deserves.

Storytelling runs through our veins at LEWIS. We know what makes the media tick and a 78-page report or spreadsheet full of data tables doesn’t cut it. Research programs focus on client’s media goals to ensure content is relevant with current trends.

New and Legacy Projects Whether it’s a continuation of a legacy research project, or just an idea, the LEWIS consultative approach allows for project designs to fit any need.

Customised Instruments Every survey, focus group and in-depth interview is unique for each project. Surveys can be fielded across a variety of sources including research panels, internal lists and social media.

Full Suite of Services We conduct all fielding, analysis and report generation in-house with additional integrated marketing, content creation and PR services available.

Any Region, Any Language Research can be conducted in any country or language while providing for cultural norms during the questionnaire creation phase.

Extensive Partnership LEWIS has relationships in place with global research vendors making it possible to field surveys against the hardest to find target respondents.

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