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April 25, 2024


AI, Paid Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Seo Strategy

Every business should have a robust SEO strategy. For some, this can seem like a complex task, particularly when it comes to technical SEO.

As Brighton SEO closes out for another year, we want to share some top tips to know about SEO.

Understanding and executing a robust SEO strategy is essential for for business success. How do you kick-start your SEO strategy?

  • Prioritise keyword research: Continue to adapt keywords based on user intent and avoid over-using keywords to improve rankings.
  • Focus on content intent: Ensure content is purposeful and it has evergreen elements. Incorporate video content to drive online traffic.
  • Utilise SEO tools effectively: Set clear goals for AI and other tools, and ensure your team is trained.

Let’s delve deeper:

1. Keyword research is crucial

As algorithms advance, your keywords need to sit within human-first content that adds value. Don’t base things on your own assumptions. Do keyword research. Keep tabs on google search and the search intent for your chosen keywords.

Keyword cannibalisation does not always highlight the problem. Look at your page rankings. Cleaning up the overuse of similar keywords from pages that share a domain can revitalise your google search ranking.

2. Think about the intent of your content

Intent in content marketing is more important than ever. Your content needs to serve a purpose in google search results other than just to sit there. Evergreen content that can be updated in your content marketing strategy gives consistent search returns.

Don’t discount video content. Videos are expected to contribute to online traffic in 2023. Lots of people favour videos when learning more about a product or service.

3. Set clear objectives for your SEO tools

If you intend to use AI in your technical SEO process, set clear objectives for desired outcomes to ensure you choose the right tools. Always sense-check and refine outcomes. AI is effective for time-saving automation, not for decisions on your search engine optimization.

When you’re considering investing in SEO tools, remember the importance of training your team. They need to know how to use each technical SEO tool to its full potential to secure the best outcomes.

Here are some suggested SEO tools to get you started:

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