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September 23, 2016


AMEC, measurement

As part of AMEC’s Measurement Month, LEWIS hosted a webinar demonstrating how to use the new Integrated Framework.

The hour-long webinar was co-presented by Giles Peddy, Group Managing Director UK at LEWIS and Richard Bagnall, CEO of Prime Research UK. Both were members of the AMEC working group that developed the new Framework, and the session provided a practical overview of how agencies and brands should be using it.

AMEC has been the champion of better measurement for many years, instigating new industry research and best practice standards. It has supported consistent progression of the industry, moving towards measuring holistically, across all channels (PESO).

The Pepsi Refresh campaign, talked through by Richard Bagnall, is a great example of a campaign that delivered the big numbers, but not the desired business impact. The campaign, to crowdsource ideas for community projects Pepsi should contribute to, saw great results in terms of reach and engagement. Using traditional measurement KPIs, looking at output metrics only, the campaign appeared to be a huge success. However, there was no lift in sales, and during the campaign Pepsi actually suffered a 5% decline in market share, which equated to $500million of lost revenue. It dropped from number two to number three in the soft drinks market, and had to spend $6million on above-the-line marketing to fight its way back..

It is examples of campaigns like these that demonstrate why the communications industry must move beyond simple vanity metrics, added Giles Peddy. Brands must show the impact that communications activity is having on the business. This is why AMEC developed the Integrated Measurement framework. It is an easy-to-use, online tool that can be used by any level of comms pro. It’s also free and accessible to all to encourage uptake. Despite only launching in June 2016, it has already had great responses and feedback from early adopters, including government departments, charities and agencies.

Watch the full recording below or visit to find out more about the framework.


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