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Published on

March 22, 2021


Marketing, reports

COVID-19 has left no industry unchallenged or unaffected, yet the legal sector has remained resilient. Heightened activities and low furlough rates suggest a stable present and a strong future for the industry. But what exactly has changed and how is the future of legal marketing taking shape?

In our latest guide, The Future of Legal Marketing: Conversations on a Transforming Industry, we dissect the common themes and conclusions of legal marketing professionals. We spoke to a broad range of marketing leaders across the Magic Circle, Silver Circle, and boutique law firms to find out how they have adapted to new challenges, how they plan to transform themselves to fit a new legal ecosystem, and what they see for the future of legal marketing.

Inside the guide:

  • A new way of working
  • Is this the end of event-based marketing?
  • What’s the future of legal marketing?
    • Business development
    • Content production
    • Reassessing recruitment
  • Room for improvement: unanswered questions

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