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October 21, 2020


Content Marketing, LEWIS Guide, Marketing, Marketing funnel, sales and marketing

We’re all used to seeing the traditional marketing funnel (also commonly known as the sales funnel). We’re familiar with its structure; awareness, interest, consideration, action, advocacy. But is it still that simple?

In recent months, sales and marketing teams have had to move quickly and adapt, leaving major question marks over the traditional marketing funnel. The linear journey we were all taught is gone, and in its place is a new approach. An approach that is alive and constantly evolving with customer needs and technological advancements.

In this guide, we explore the traditional marketing funnel and what exactly has changed. We’ll also explain a new model for sales and marketing teams, and how marketers can best use it. This guide is perfect for any sales and marketing teams that are ready to take a fresh, adaptive approach with their marketing and better connect with their audiences.

The Marketing Funnel Re-imagined: what’s inside

  • The traditional marketing funnel
    • The customer is always right
  • What’s changed?
    • Customers and control
    • The evolution of content
  • What does this mean for marketers?
    • The quantum funnel
  • How marketers can adapt
    • The importance of storytelling
    • A note on reporting
    • A checklist for headless content
  • Working better together

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