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Niki Wheeler

Published on

January 25, 2024


B2B PR, public relations

Storytelling in PR today must have substance. Newsjacking and media coverage can’t be about ‘spray and pray’ when hard news dominates.

We live in a world of 24/7 news cycles where war, climate emergency, the cost of living crisis and extreme weather have dominated the headlines. In this environment, your PR team must be clear that purposeful pitching is key.   

Heavyweight comments or cheeky traditional PR stunts that make us smile and provide light in the shade can be highly effective in digital PR campaigns.    

Yet any digitally savvy PR agency must know that execution at speed across channels is key.    

So, how can a digital PR agency work with you to stop praying and pitch purposefully to achieve outstanding results?       

  • Think seasonally with your digital PR and media relations. What are the core themes and PR messages you can support with compelling content, regardless of breaking news? Your digital PR agency will have a key dates calendar. These can work just for a single digital PR campaign or digital PR service if it’s not part of your wider PR strategy. To name a few themes: International Women’s Day (March), Pride Month (June), Back to School (September). 
  • Awareness days, reports, results and legislative pegs are in the digital PR calendar miles in advance. Co-collaborate with the key digital PR specialists and online journalists to test if there’s an appetite for that media coverage 
  • Ensure spokespeople are available to support your pr campaigns – even remotely on key dates. Once a good guest is on the radar of your media contacts, you’ll also hear about breaking news lines from the planners and digital PR experts (who’ll want to book them again).  
  • A picture or video says 1000 words in your creative content campaigns. They can massively contribute to organic traffic and visibility. But don’t forget, they’ll also give you lots of credibility in a digital PR campaign. Particularly in the business and weekend pages. How can press releases and stories with a firm ‘hook’ be pre-packaged?    
  • Be fun and memorable with your content marketing. There are dedicated good news teams in major media placements (e.g. BBC Breakfast / PA) who want to hear about forces for good 365 days a year. Also think about the long term organic search visibility for your wider SEO strategy 
  • British people love animal stories – FACT.  Science, innovation and sporting moments all help elevate these digital PR campaigns and stories about furry friends. 
  • Get on the phone. Live feedback on whether something is working (or not) and the additional ingredients that are needed to make a digital PR strategy fly are critical.       
  • Make your PR count.  Are you reaching your potential customers and gaining high quality traffic to your website? You’re only as good as your last pitch. So make sure your comments are actually saying something which shifts the dial, draws in your target audience and contributes to building brand awareness.   

If you’re not sure where to start or would like some more support with your digital PR strategy get in touch with our team. 

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