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Helen Ellis

Published on

December 8, 2023


storytelling, sustainability

Sustainability comms is fraught with reputational risk. Many companies I speak to are fearful of getting it wrong and consequently resort to the 'safety' of saying very little.

Last month, TEAM LEWIS curated an inspirational panel of passionate, bold, brave experts to help talk about the challenges and discuss how sustainability actions can be communicated in the most impactful way. So much to take away, here are a few points that really resonated with me.

1) You need to stand for something
2) Not everyone is going to agree with you, you need to be comfortable with that
3) Not saying anything is still a risk
4) The human voice has been missing from sustainability storytelling. Give voice to the people with the lived experience.
5) Stories need to evoke emotion to cut through.
6) Be brave. Be persistent.
7) Never put commercial gain in front of sustainability claims.

Thank you to George Lamb, Alison Corfield, Sam Sutaria, and Jessie Macneil-Brown (she/her) for an enjoyable and insightful discussion, and Oliver Balch, PhD for some masterful moderation.

Check out the highlights:


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