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January 2, 2015


Award, communications, PR, Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award

The Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award is on the hunt for an exceptional individual.

The annual award is in memory of Suzy Ferguson, who died from bowel cancer in July 2012, aged just 31. Suzy’s employer, LEWIS PR, teamed up with Gorkana and Bowel Cancer UK last year to launch the award to honour the memory of one of the industry’s brightest young stars. Spirit of Suzy Unlike other awards that acknowledge professional achievements, the Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award aims to recognise individuals of exceptional character, integrity and determination. People who make a positive difference because of who they are, as opposed to their qualifications or business performance. People who are not only good at their job, but who show passion and kindness for the people around them, both in and out of work.

The award recognises the ethical values that are so often overlooked in a competitive workplace; the ability to make everyone feel valued no matter what their role, and getting the best out of people. Suzy was an inspirational person, whose work impacted clients and fellow professionals. She worked tirelessly in the community outside her work, even after she was diagnosed with cancer. Her spirit and talent positively influenced every organisation with whom she worked. I was pleased to be asked to support the award as a judge and help celebrate our unsung heroes and hidden talent. It’s also personal. My wife is recovering from cancer.


How to enter

We are looking for a professional who displays character and celebrates her legacy. The winner of the Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award for 2015 will be someone who displays Suzy’s motivation. We all know someone who inspires us, but never asks for anything in return. Now is the time to give them the recognition they deserve.

If you think that might be a colleague or friend, we want to hear from you about what makes your nominee special.

Follow @suzyspiritaward on Twitter for the latest news and check out the website for further information.

Bowel Cancer UK is the official charity for the award. The charity aims to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer focusing particularly on early diagnosis.

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