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June 6, 2024


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Music on TikTok is back with an even better license agreement, Airbnb reaches for the sky with a new stay and Apple and Samsung have an ad battle. Keep reading This Month in Social to find out more.

Pixar take Airbnb stays to new heights

Airbnb has taken the ultimate Pixar lover’s vacation and…hung it from a crane! The famous balloon house from Pixar’s movie ‘Up’ is now available to rent in New Mexico this summer and yes, it floats.

For any Pixar lover, this is the greatest escape to a fictional world, in a house hosted by the fictional character Carl Fredricksen, now “a retired balloon salesman turned Airbnb host”. The house itself has 8,000 balloons floating from the top of it and resembles the design and layout of the beloved Carl and his wife, Ellie.

Throughout the stay, guests will embark on adventures inspired by the movie and its characters, including earning their explorer badges. Whether you’re a “’Daydreamer’ creating your Adventure Book or a ‘Stargazer’ marveling at the night sky”, there’s an experience for every guest.

Of course, the experience has sold out already, but it is sure to be a success, so who knows if it will make a return next year. Keep an eye out on the listing page here, or find more Airbnb Icon Experiences that suit your style.

Written by: Ellie-Mae Turner-Wood


Apple v Samsung – Who ‘crushed’ it this time?

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple caused a mess with their new crushing iPad ad that gained a ton of complaints. The ad saw a metal plate looming over various instruments, sculptures and paint, eventually crushing it into a perfectly thin iPad. Of course, this destruction led to a very angry community of creatives, including Hugh Grant who called it the “destruction of the human experience.”

With audiences enraged, the ad was taken down and it didn’t take long for tech rivals Samsung to retaliate. Their ‘Un-Crushing‘ ad shows a woman stepping over “debris and spilled paint reminiscent of the end of Apple’s big hydraulic press incident” to strum guitar with notes assisted by her Galaxy Tab S9.

Whether you’re an Apple or a Samsung user, the divide is an enjoyable battle to witness.

Written by: Ellie-Mae Turner-Wood


Biden is hiring for a meme creator

Interested in turning your meme-making skills into a career? President Joe Biden’s campaign has a role for you. Among the jobs posted by Biden’s campaign is a “partner manager for content and meme pages.” This role involves building relationships with podcasters, digital media firms, and popular meme pages.

Meme pages are highly popular and attract millions of views daily on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Gen Z dominates the creation and consumption of memes. Capturing their attention is crucial for Biden, who has struggled to engage younger voters. The role offers up to $85,000 annually, requiring two to four years of relevant experience and relocation to Wilmington. Are you up for the challenge?

Written by: Matthew Bleaney


Music comes back to TikTok

Good news for TikTok amidst EU investigations and a forced U.S. sell-off. The platform has reached a new multi-dimensional licensing agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG). This agreement marks a new era of collaboration, aiming to enhance the creative and commercial potential of UMG’s artists and songwriters. It will provide better remuneration for UMG’s artists, new promotional opportunities, and leading protections regarding generative AI.

Earlier this year, UMG had pulled its music from TikTok after disputes over licensing terms. The new agreement brings UMG’s music back to TikTok, offering more promotion opportunities for artists and creative potential for users. TikTok will also explore new monetisation opportunities with UMG, including e-commerce and ticket sales, boosting the platform’s value in music promotion.

Written by: Matthew Bleaney

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