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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 18, 2016


digital, social, This Week in Social

This Week in Social, big platforms are making changes to make their communities more friendly. Plus, new Christmas ads, and a festive backlash. Read on for all of this week's essential social media news.


Quick Connections
So, there it is, Twitter QR codes for iOS and Android are here! You can now connect with people on the platform in yet another way.

Curbing Abuse
Twitter will add new features designed to help curb hate speech on the platform. Users will be able to ‘mute’ keywords, phrases, usernames, and hashtags in their mentions.


Bot insights
No need to wonder who’s engaging with your bots anymore! To provide more insights for brands and bot makers, Facebook has introduced a new analytics tool for Messenger Bots.


Click & Share
Periscope is now allowing users to share specific moments from broadcasts with other users on the web.

The Best Gift
Check out Heathrow Airport’s first-ever Christmas commercial! (Spoiler Alert: it’s adorable!)

Social Winner

There’s a bot for that
Social media has become an integral part of modern society, and sometimes it’s getting truly difficult for us to switch off. The Tiny Care Bot is reminding us about the importance of self-care in the digital age.

Social Loser

Turn of events
Sainsbury’s Christmas ad provoked a wave of outrage on social media after a Sainsbury’s employee tweeted that he was asked to..

Crappy Captions
New movement called #NoMoreCraptions is calling out on YouTube’s auto-generated captions that needlessly restrict the platform’s accessibility for deaf YouTubers.

Creative Spot

25 m2 of Syria
In partnership with the Red Cross, Ikea created a replica of a 25-square-metre Syrian home to show shoppers the horrors of living in a war zone. The installation, which is an exact replica of a real home outside Damascus, tells the story of how people live, caught in the crossfire of Syria’s civil war.

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