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Over the last decade, the role of public relations has changed drastically. The focus has shifted from purely earned media coverage to brand communications that leverage multi-faceted public relations programs. Today’s PR professionals are skilled communications strategists who leverage a variety of tactics to create brand awareness and reach your target audience. Our communications strategy not only embodies the traditional role of a PR professional but embraces the shifting landscape of media relations.

The LEWIS Approach

Think of us as an extension of your brand’s team, ready to tackle your daily, quarterly or yearly priorities and challenges, while also celebrating your triumphs. We’re an integrated team always ideating around big picture campaigns, conducting social listening on behalf of the brand, and researching relevant media outlets that will be the perfect fit to tell your unique story.

We understand timing is crucial in every aspect of your business. Therefore, our communications strategy strives to make clients relevant in the moments that matter most. By listening to social communities and keeping an eye on analytical dashboards, our teams are expert news handlers and storytellers.

We’re a team of PR professionals obsessed with attention to detail, building client relationships and leveraging our extensive network of journalists to create a comprehensive and agile PR program. We love what we do and can’t wait to help tell your story with our PR services.

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Analyst Relations

We will ensure industry analysts are regularly briefed on your go-to-market strategy, products, solutions and performance. We’ll develop a process and cadence for ongoing communication with analysts. This includes securing briefings and interviews, responding to inquiries and research requests and assisting with the development of research reports and white papers.



Corporate Communications

Across all earned, owned and paid channels, LEWIS covers the full range of corporate communications no matter what industry sector. Ultimately, all communications should be coordinated from one source with one voice and one authority. It also means having the imagination to see the potential for both good and bad outcomes.




With the advent of the 24-hours news cycle, continuously updated websites and shrinking newsrooms, the demand for thoughtful content has never been higher. Contributed content can supplement editorial coverage and provides the opportunity to raise the profile of your brand and the executive bench. Our team of copywriters and media strategists will work with your organization’s thought leaders and subject matter experts to accurately capture their voice and place bylined articles with key publications. Whether it’s mainstream business outlets, industry trades or vertical specific publications, LEWIS will clearly convey your team’s expertise and unique opinions and perspectives.



Executive Profiling

Over the last ten years, the growth in channels has made leaders more visible. This is driving the mandate for transparency at the highest level. Today, everything is more visible. LEWIS EXPRO is a tailored consultancy with senior counsel designed to help executives elevate and protect their individual brand and profile.



Issues & Crisis Management

Reputation is everything and it is fragile. News, including that of the fake variety, travels faster than ever before, making it nearly impossible to get in front of if you’re not already prepared. Our reputation management services include identifying, managing and mitigating reputational risks across a full range of corporate crisis moments.



Influencer Relations

Influencer relations has become a vital strategy for many companies to get their content in front of the right audiences. It generates meaningful engagements and maximizes conversions.We understand that influencer relations is not a one size fits all approach. Every influencer campaign we execute is individually customized and data-driven to help PR experts reach the right targeted audience via relationships and partnerships with influencers. We pinpoint influential customers within your target audience who will serve as a third-party brand advocate.



Media Relations

Our approach to media relations is focused on relevance. It is increasingly difficult to stand out in the shrinking media landscape and attract positive attention from the right reporters and journalists. Having the right message for the right audience through the right media outlets, in the right channel at the right time is crucial.



Press Releases

Whether you’re announcing company news or launching your latest thought leadership piece, we write specific and timely press releases, designed to attract media coverage and reach your audience. Through immediate releases or limited releases that cater to specific media sources, our team strategizes the ideal media placements that make the most sense for your business goals.



Speaking Engagements

From a PR and marketing perspective, industry awards, speaking opportunities, and research-based data can help bring your brand into the spotlight. Our PR experts work to secure top speaking opportunities and deliver award-winning campaigns to help our clients achieve the highest industry accolades




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