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Tanichka Achan

Published on

February 16, 2022


Inclusive Marketing, marketing, user experience

As consumers continue to adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, opportunity for customer experience to be reimagined is growing. Here are four trends to look out for in Southeast Asia in 2022.

With the significant increase in online purchases, customer loyalty patterns have also evolved to become multi-faceted and multi-pronged. This is especially so for a customer’s purchase journey with a brand.

Read on to find out how brands should revamp their marketing strategies for 2022 based on four prominent consumer trends in the region.

#1 Mobile-First Strategy

To be mobile-first, marketers must work on creating a user-friendly experience that is effective on mobile devices as it is on desktop.

Consumers in Southeast Asia are moving towards being mobile-first with over 887 million mobile connections in this region resulting in 132% of the total population. Over 70% of Singaporeans and Malaysians have used their mobile to scan a QR code. This is most likely a result of contact tracing check-ins.

Features that will help improve mobile use include touchscreen-friendly navigation, app store optimisation, streamlined navigation menus, less text heavy content, implementation of chatbots, fast page loading etc.

Brands looking to strengthen their presence in the mobile space will be in a better position to capitalise on this growing consumer base. Ultimately, a business that is mobile-first can provide the best possible experience on mobile devices while being virtually anywhere in the world at any time.

#2 Authentic and Inclusive Marketing

The world has seen a massive shift towards diverse representation, and this inclusivity is being celebrated. Arguably, Asian markets are still playing catch-up in this regard. But the voice of consumers for representation is growing louder every day.

For brands that aspire to become more authentic and inclusive, start by simply being empathetic. Learn what your target customers’ likes, needs and pain points are. Think about how your product or brand would help them. How would it make a difference in their lives? To create engaging messages, you need to tell stories and not just sell products and services.

Apart from making your customers feel represented, inclusive marketing can help brands reach more potential customers, build loyalty and affinity, boost social media engagement, and ultimately lead to increased sales.

#3 Interactive Experiences

With Metaverse on the horizon, consumers are going to want to connect on an emotional and visceral level. Augmented reality and virtual reality will soon be key in enhancing user experiences with products and brands by creating an end-to-end immersive and interactive journey.

With such technology, consumers can imagine themselves driving a car, being a part of a concert, test make-up, or simply having access to a new experience. The connection from brand to the consumer is reimagined.

While VR/AP tech is still evolving, many of its futuristic applications have yet to manifest and be experienced in this part of the world. 

#4 User-Generated Content

No doubt, consumers are more likely to trust the word of their family, friends and even colleagues. Recognising that consumers love to do their research and share experiences, just type in the name of a brand, food or place into the Instagram search box and you’ll get a stream of user-generated content, UGC.

Presently, the most common format is on images on Instagram. However, UGC can be in the form of text, tweets, videos, or sound files without being limited to a social media channel; you can gather and share reviews and UGC on your website.

User-generated content are authentic examples of how your customers are enjoying your products and services which can be powerful method to gain traction.

The Bottom Line

These marketing trends will help create memorable experiences for Southeast Asian consumers that will help your brand stand out, keep your audiences engaged for a longer time, and gain increased brand recognition and foster positive perception. As marketers if we remain focused on listening and continue to transform lessons learnt into strategies, we’re surely geared for success in the new year!

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