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Analytics & Insights

Analytics is crucial to monitor the lifeline of your digital marketing efforts.



As partners that essentially handle analytics consulting services for clients, our analytics team collaborates closely with internal and external stakeholders to help companies meet their goals. Whether that’s increasing conversions, driving better quality engagement, or minimizing cart abandonment, we use all of the analytics tools at our disposal to deliver actionable business intelligence recommendations to clients.

TEAM LEWIS Analytics spans four key areas
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Impact
  • Community Health
  • Market Trends
Our Approach
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Analytics Tailormade For Your Business

At TEAM LEWIS, we customise our approach to analytics to provide everything from basic web analytics to more complex advanced analytics, depending on the needs of the businesses we’re working with.

Sometimes that means performing Google Analytics audits, and other times it’s consultatively making recommendations about marketing operations. Regardless of the situation, our goal is always to take a data-driven approach to providing actionable insights that drive business results.

TEAM LEWIS Analytics Dashboards

TEAM LEWIS offers a customised approach to analytics dashboards, forgoing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality in favour of aligning reporting with client needs. While we have a standard set of dashboards we recommend based on the services we’re supporting, we always collaborate with companies to understand their needs and align on the KPIs to report on, adapting the set of analytics tools we utilise as part of that process. The end result is a set of dashboards that is aligned with business needs, showcases the impact marketing has on the company as a whole, and helps drive business decisions.


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