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Catherine Alcalde

Published on

March 1, 2024


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Trend jacking is a balancing act between being clever and cringe-worthy. We share five ways you can jump on the trend jacking bandwagon with finesse.

The world of social media marketing never sleeps. And as business leaders, we’re always in the kitchen, cooking up new strategies to stay relevant and keep us at the forefront of it.

In recent years, one strategy that has gained significant traction is trend jacking – the skilful integration of your brand into viral conversations and trending topics. Whether through clever hashtags, viral memes, or captivating video content, trend jacking presents a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with their audience and forge meaningful connections.

But here’s the catch: while some brands excel at riding the wave of trending topics with finesse, others fall flat, leaving audiences cringing at their attempts to hop on the bandwagon. In this blog, we share ways for brands to navigate the delicate balance between clever trend jacking and cringe-worthy missteps.

#1 Connect and captivate

In order to leverage trend jacking, it’s important to connect and captivate your audience. By aligning your brand’s messaging with the pulse of popular culture, you can ensure that your content resonates with your target audience. Whether it’s a viral meme, a trending hashtag, or a breaking news story, the key lies in seamlessly infusing your brand’s distinct voice and perspective into the ongoing conversation.

Somerset’s 7 Day of Outfit edition, in collaboration with brands like Love, Bonito and Design Orchard, captured the essence of fashion trends with a keen eye for relatability to its audience. This innovative collaboration not only establishes a new benchmark for fashion accessibility and adaptability but also connects life and style.


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#2 Know the right timing

Success in trend jacking hinges on perfect timing. Being in tune with the latest developments and monitoring trending subjects allows you to seize opportunities when they arise. Keep your finger on the pulse to ensure your content remains timely and relevant.

Quincy Hotel’s Bondee social media post was swiftly created and uploaded during the peak of the trends popularity. Recognising the buzz around the Bondee trend, Quincy wasted no time in jumping on board. By capitalising on the trend at the right moment, they effectively connected with their audience with a concept that resonated with both the brand and the trend itself.


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#3 Weave authenticity in

Authenticity is the secret ingredient that sets your brand apart from the rest. As you dive deeper into the art of trend jacking, stay grounded in your brand’s core values and mission. Your audience has a keen sense of authenticity, so ensure your engagement with trends feels genuine and harmonises with your brand identity.

Nikon Asia’s Spotify Wrapped campaign was successful because it authentically reflected the brand’s values and mission while tapping into the excitement surrounding the trend. By crafting content that genuinely resonated with their audience and staying true to their brand identity, Nikon Asia effectively connected with their audience.


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#4 Stand out creatively

In the crowded content landscape, how can one truly stand out? Through creative innovation! Experiment with bold ideas that capture the imagination of your audience. Since every piece of content is a brand’s way of storytelling to build an emotional connection, how can we leverage creative engineering to bring that story to life?

Pizza Hut’s Coldplay trend has stood out and was even featured on Marketing Interactive because of its creative take on the trend. Through visually appealing design and clever messaging, Pizza Hut showcased how creativity can elevate trend jacking efforts, truly leaving a lasting impression.


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#5 Engage for results

It’s always important to build meaningful interactions with your audience. And while you might think engagement equates to likes, comments, and shares, it’s not all about numbers – It’s also about tangible results. From store visits, orders placed, recommendations, positive reviews and repeat transactions, these are the metrics that matter in cultivating lasting relationships with both existing and prospective supporters.

ION’s “In a Day” Reel trend demonstrated the importance of meaningful interactions with the audience. By creating content that encouraged genuine engagement and interaction, ION effectively translated trend jacking into real-world success, attracting visitors, and showcasing their offerings authentically.


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Key takeaways

By following these five golden rules – connecting authentically, timing your moves just right, and fostering genuine engagement – brands can harness trend jacking as a powerful tool for success in social media. And let’s not forget, embracing trend jacking isn’t merely about blending in; it’s about standing out with intention and authenticity.

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