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Bernice Ang

Published on

September 1, 2023



Bernice Ang from TEAM LEWIS Singapore heads to Malaysia for Innovation Week.

If I had to describe TEAM LEWIS Kuala Lumpur in three words, it would be hospitable, harmonious and hilarious.  

A fortnight ago, I embarked on a week-long secondment trip to our Kuala Lumpur (KL) office, coinciding with our very own KL Innovation Week. During that week, four representatives from our APAC regional team headed to KL; Our head of growth and innovation, Danny Wong, Senior Engagement Manager, Tina Ahmed, People Manager, Ashlyn Yam, and me, from our marketing team. 

L to R: Tina Ahmed, Ashlyn Yam, Bernice Ang, Danny Wong 

Innovation Week was created to connect senior stakeholders with clients, aiming to deepen their understanding of how our specialised services, such as creative and digital performance can further support them in their business.  

But the fun is not limited to our senior stakeholders alone. As we planned an array of activities and workshops for the entire team, commencing with Marketing. 

In the workshop, I shared marketing strategies that we implement to bolster our company’s presence in APAC. These include initiatives like brand awareness, SEO optimisation, lead generation efforts and social media sharing, to highlight our client collaborations.  

Marketing presentation with the team. 

We also teamed up with our LinkedIn partner for a workshop on personal branding for the KL team. This workshop provided the team with techniques and best practices applicable to both enhancing their clients’ profiles as well as their own.  

LinkedIn presentation with the team and Ken our LinkedIn partner. 

Next up, our People team held one-on-one sessions with each member of the KL office, conducted a comprehensive workshop covering communication, relationship, training and development, and of course, a refresher on our employee wellness and benefits! 

People presentation with the team 

Our People Manager, who is also a certified yoga instructor, led the team in a yoga session too. The session involved basic stretches and poses, fostering mindfulness while improving their physical flexibility and strength.  

Yoga session with Ashlyn.

And to thank us for the insightful sessions, the KL team took it upon themselves to prove to us that the food in KL is indeed much better than in Singapore. They brought us to enjoy banana leaf, Thai boat noodles, Peranakan cuisine…  

Banana Leaf

Thai boat noodles

Peranakan nasi rendang

But the highlight of the week, was undoubtedly the celebration of Lester’s and Reuben’s birthdays, with Lester’s falling on Friday and Reuben’s falling on Saturday. A joint birthday celebration! 

Birthday boys, Reuben and Lester 🎂🎂

Despite it being my inaugural visit to the KL office, I found it effortless to establish rapport, and conversations flowed seamlessly with the team. As the second largest team in APAC, with 18 members, and counting, they are an incredibly tight-knit group of colleagues. Having observed their camaraderie and collective sense of humour in real time, was the icing on the cake (pun intended).  

It is heartening to know that despite distance, we share a common purpose – to continue the great work that the teams across the globe does, while excelling in our own careers. I can’t wait for my next secondment.  

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