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Serving as a global influencer marketing agency to our clients, TEAM LEWIS provides best-in-class influencer support across B2B and B2C brands.

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Influencer marketing has become a vital strategy for brands to get their content in front of the right audiences, generating meaningful engagements and maximising brand awareness. Research shows that consumers look to influencers as trusted third-party sources and that their recommendations are more likely to drive bottom-line impact than traditional advertisements alone.

Our Influencer Marketing Services
  • B2B Influencer Marketing
  • B2C Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Platform Analysis
  • Strategic Program Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Content Creation
Our Approach
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Influencer Campaigns That Combine Data & Creativity

Organic influencer content has a higher visibility in social feeds than branded content and has been shown to deliver higher engagement rates. Yet the rapid rise of influencer marketing has created a saturated space where many marketers struggle to develop meaningful programs and many others don’t have the tools on hand needed to maximise the ROI of their influencer campaigns within 360 marketing efforts.

Influencer programs should start and end with data. Leveraging insights from social networks enables the strategic identification of partners while also providing the key to assessing the true business impact of content for any influencer campaign.

At the same time the most effective influencer programs balance qualitative and quantitative metrics. Data is foundational, but it’s the creative strategy that fuels the content influencers create and the ideas that drive viral engagement.

Ready to start your brand's influencer marketing? We're here to help.

Regardless of the industry served, Influencer Marketing Programs should be custom developed as part of a marketing campaign strategy exercise. Influencers can be engaged through a variety of campaign and partnership approaches including:

– Ambassador Programs
– Micro-influencer and Nano-influencer campaigns
– Content Creation
– Social Media Activations
– Social Channel Takeovers
– Event Participation
– Spokesperson / Talent Engagements


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