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Our track record as a B2B digital marketing agency speaks for itself.

For over 25 years, TEAM LEWIS has supported the B2B digital marketing and communications needs of our clients, from high-growth startups to global enterprises.  

We deliver exceptional outcomes. From strategic PR programs to social, paid media and integrated campaigns, we have the strategic insight to take our B2B clients to the next level. 

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Our B2B Digital Marketing Experience

We're the B2B digital marketing agency that:
  • Took Splunk public and redefined data as a company’s most valuable asset    

  • Transformed Blackberry from a consumer brand to a major B2B provider    

  • Established Schneider Electric as the face of sustainability  

  • Elevated CrowdStrike from a cyber startup to a media darling ahead of their IPO 

  • Launched GoTo as a standalone brand spinning off from LogMeIn

How We Can Help:

  • Media & Analyst Relations
  • Corporate & Crisis Communications
  • Thought Leadership Content
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation & Email Marketing
  • Organic Search & Social Media Advertising
  • Market Research & Data Analytics

What We Do Best:

  • Execute across verticals, with 70+% of our clients being B2B tech focused
  • Work with speed and agility, shifting gears quickly to meet your needs
  • Generate Leads and Sales Enablement
  • Lead global marketing programs across 25+ markets
  • Anticipate and prepare for market trends impacting your business
  • Omni-channel Planning, Conversion Optimization & Give Data Driven Insights

VMware: A Decade of Dominance

For over ten years, VMware has trusted TEAM LEWIS to design impactful digital marketing campaigns across many of its business units.

As one of the top communications & B2B digital marketing agencies, we develop highly effective, efficient, and scalable lead generation programs by tailoring content to specific buyer personas and engaging audiences through multi-channel campaigns. During our tenure, one of the ways we’ve supported the client is by working with VMware’s Demand Generation team to drive top of funnel leads, in-person and virtual event registrations across their diverse solution portfolio. 


- 13,221 leads generated through business growth campaigns  

- $14.7M in sourced demand-gen opportunities 

- 1,400+ event registrations for VMworld  

- 40+ quarterly paid campaigns 

GoTo: Launching a Standalone Brand

LogMeIn, a long-time client of TEAM LEWIS, was announcing GoTo as a standalone company with a new brand identity and product portfolio.

LogMeIn was announcing GoTo as a standalone company with a new brand identity and product portfolio. Our team was tasked with making this rebrand and company announcement into a major media moment. We executed a launch strategy that would drive mainstream broadcast, business, technology and trade coverage that highlighted their executive bench. All brand and product messaging was overhauled to create new leadership pillars for all marketing arms to rally around, and to increase the excitement for the GoTo products following the separation.


- 450 pieces of syndicated global coverage

- 53% from tier 1 media with a 10% increase in competitive SOV

- 1,700 New twitter followers in less than 36 hours after the rebrand launched

Transcending Categories to Reach a New Audience 

Data-driven marketing strategy links BlackBerry’s new vision with major industry trends, reporter’s notebooks. 

BlackBerry engaged TEAM LEWIS to increase market awareness around its corporate refocus: a move away from device hardware and into cybersecurity. The marketing campaign leveraged data and research, tying BlackBerry’s revamped brand to security-industry trends, yielding quality and consistent media coverage from leading security reporters. Connecting BlackBerry with its target audience delivered exceptional results.


 - 250+ unique articles appearing in global markets in first week of release   

 - Tier-one coverage appearing in global outlets including Fortune, Business Insider, Morning Brew, Washington Post and Forbes   

 - Repeated / long tail coverage of results seen in key IT and security outlets including CSO, Forbes, VentureBeat and ZDNet amongst others 

 - 4,200 global articles in FY23 

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