Our Work

Professional Services Strategy

Allen & Overy

147K LinkedIn users reached
4.3K clicks on LinkedIn
7 tier one media outlets covered
Creative Marketing


113K+ paid influencer impressions
227K+ social interactions 
43K+ sample sign-ups from customers 
$72K+ Donated to LGBTQIA+ organizations 
Public Relations


4.2K global articles secured in FY23
440 media hits in ‘Golden Circle’ outlets
200+ articles from original ChatGPT research

Flint Public Art Project

Reach a wider audience
Build relationships with artists, community leaders and national media
Grow annual mural festivals and mural workshops


17.7K total visits 
51K levels started
7.9K users played 
3K+ on the leaderboard
Public Relations


11%+ coverage year on year
Built consumer reputation
Challenged competitors like Apple and Sony
Marketing Public Relations

Pizza Hut

400%+ exceeded sales forecast
Sold out product in two weeks
60 pieces of coverage
Public Relations Strategy

Schneider Electric

10M video reach
151K social reach
3.6K unique visitors
200+ pieces of top-tier coverage
3 award wins
Creative Public Relations Strategy


400 media clippings
166M reach
87K page views
11 territories covered

The Music Man Project

1 Christmas Top 10 Hit Single
National coverage on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, Good Morning Britain
1 sell out tour