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Banking On Blockchain

Blockchain is reshaping industries and financial services tops the list.

Endless data and algorithms synthesized by relentless processing power are poised to revolutionize the sector. Trust – across the board – is the missing piece. The economic fragility felt around the world as a result of the global pandemic has been compounded by an unprecedented surge in cyberattacks. International headlines highlighting a slew of bank scandals have only widened the trust gap. Our research suggests the inherent benefits blockchain brings could help mend the gap.

With 70% using the technology currently, bankers see major benefits when it comes to blockchain.

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What's Inside

Our study across 500+ senior professionals in the banking industry shows U.S. financial institutions are more invested in blockchain technology than previously reported. Read Banking on Blockchain: The Future of Finance for details around the:

  • Top benefits from using blockchain technology in financial services
  • Top barriers for blockchain adoption
  • Most common use cases
  • Industry perceptions around cryptocurrencies, and more.
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