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August 2, 2023



L'agence internationale de marketing TEAM LEWIS a annoncé ses résultats financiers annuels. L'année fiscale s'est achevée le 31 juillet 2023.

The agency, which has 24 offices worldwide, ended the year with record revenue of $74 million. Over the past four years, the company has grown organically by 42%. TEAM LEWIS, which works with clients such as Antwerp Management School, SD Worx, Orange, Argenta, Hello Fresh, Sofico, Korys & Mamma Roma, invests profits in: 

  • Its employees: an additional month of salary as a bonus for the majority of its employees,  
  • Its TEAM LEWIS Foundation: a double investment in the employee-run program. The Foundation has already supported more than 1,200 charities around the world, with an average donation of 2,000 euros per employee. This amount does not include time freed by the agency to support charities in their marketing activities.    
  • Training: three new training programs are being rolled out in the United States, as well as in EMEA and APAC regions for 100 new international employees. The selection of these candidates will be based on their attitude and ambitions rather than their qualifications.

Découvrez nos études de cas

Laissez-vous inspirer par les campagnes que nous avons eu le mérite de mettre au point pour des clients de grand renom, tant dans le domaine du B2B que du B2C. Découvrez nos études de cas et découvrez comment nous transformons les stratégies en success stories.

As a global team, the company’s success also benefits our colleagues and communities. We are delighted to have achieved record growth despite an uncertain international context. This is an incredible achievement ,” says Yvonne van Bokhoven, Executive Vice President EMEA & APAC.During this turbulent period, our customers were looking for three key things. They wanted more value from their investments, as well as more flexibility and creativity. We have met these expectations by reacting to international trends and developments and, of course, by putting in a lot of effort. » 

With or without a degree, we invite candidates to apply ,” adds Jennifer Wu, Vice President People EMEA & APAC at TEAM LEWIS . “ If you take diversity seriously, you can’t exclude people based on their academic qualifications. Ambition is just as important as education in producing top-notch marketing professionals. » 

To apply for training programs, marketing talents must be interested in social or commercial campaigns. It is not necessary to submit a CV to apply. Applicants can send a link to their LinkedIn profile and a short introductory video to [email protected] .