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Move your audience with your story

Think of the last Hollywood film that moved you to tears, to laughter, or inspired you to make a change in your life. In 90 minutes and with a roster of celebrities, the effect of visual storytelling can be profound.

TEAM LEWIS can move your audience in as short as 15 seconds.

In a powerful combination of creative storytelling, videography, seamless editing, and more, our in-house corporate video production agency team create videos to bring your brand to life with social media shorts, video animation, marketing videos and corporate videos for your business.

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Global Reach

We’re not just a global agency with expert video production services. We’re a global team. We have +25 offices around the world. Our regional HQs are San Francisco, London, Munich and Singapore. Our clients span the globe. And, so do our campaigns. No matter the timezone, language or task at hand – we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

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