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April 17, 2019


branding, research

In today’s world, it is of the utmost importance for organizations to keep a constant finger on the pulse of their brands. Word of mouth now travels in a mere matter of moments through a digital ecosystem of social media platforms and the relentless, never-ending cycles of online and cable news. With this endless flow of chatter having the unique ability to profoundly change consumer’s notions of brands, it is essential for organizations to have the means to track and measure shifts in brand equity with speed and precision. Due to this need, TEAM LEWIS offers Brand Heartbeat as its solution to this ever-challenging reality by empowering organizations to quickly deploy customized research focused on gathering critical information that can help strengthen a robust public relations strategy and response.

At its core, the Brand Heartbeat service conducted by the LEWIS Research and Insights Team aims to be a seamless experience that transfers meaningful brand-related data from the field to the hands of key stakeholders so that they can better understand the health of their brands. To facilitate the process, the TEAM LEWIS Brand Heartbeat is designed with three clear advantages:

  • Cost Effectiveness – Projects can be tailored to each particular budget via custom reporting options and cost saving partnerships with research suppliers.
  • Timely Results – A standardized process for project executions and full in-house capabilities allow for streamlined processing of all findings.
  • Relevant Findings – Custom projects are designed to maximize the research potential of each question through advanced question design and can be conducted in any country or language.

The Brand Heartbeat customized research methodology allows you to investigate several brand equity indicators including:


  • What are the companies that first come to mind when asked of a particular sector or industry?
  • From a distinct list, which companies are recognized most often?


  • Overall, how are your brand’s products and services rated?
  • Which companies, including your brand and its competitors, are respondents likely to recommend?
  • What is the overall level of satisfaction with the products and services that have been purchased in the past from your brand?

Overall Perceptions

  • What is the satisfaction level regarding statements associated with your brand?
  • What is the overall quality of your brand’s products and services?


  • How well do selected attributes describe your brand?
  • What attribute best describes your brand?


  • What topics are most commonly associate with your brand in the minds of respondents?
  • What are the most important criteria when buying or recommending buying as it relates to your brand?
  • What are the main reason your brand’s products and services are recommended to others by its customers?

After the completion of each survey, the TEAM LEWIS Research and Insights Team works comprehensively to examine all findings and design a custom report that presents the distinct narrative each study reveals. Along with a report, crosstabulation can be segmented as needed using a variety of demographics including age, gender, and household income.

TEAM LEWIS Research and Insights

If you are interested in receiving more information regarding the TEAM LEWIS Brand Heartbeat service, or any of the additional services and offerings the Research and Insights Team provides, please reach out to [email protected]. We look forwarding to hearing from you!

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