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November 8, 2018



LEWIS’ Cybersecurity Marketing Engagement Index reveals marketing challenges and state of women leadership at the 10 top-funded cybersecurity companies in Washington, DC.

TEAM LEWIS released the Cybersecurity Marketing Engagement Index, a report that reveals how the 10 top-funded cybersecurity companies based in the Washington, DC, area are approaching digital marketing and communications engagement in 2018. The report includes a special section on the state of women in leadership at those 10 companies as part of efforts to raise awareness around the need for greater diversity in the cybersecurity industry.

The TEAM LEWIS Cybersecurity Index ranks the companies by using the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker (MET), a new proprietary methodology that measures and quantifies companies across 10 key categories that make up the modern marketing mix. The TEAM LEWIS MET allows companies to see how they stack up against their peers and provides a 360-degree view of their own marketing tactics.

As the cybersecurity industry continues to grow and scale in the DC area with local companies changing the game and the landscape, it’s more important than ever for security companies to take a hard look at how they are marketing to and engaging their core stakeholders and customers,” said Caren Auchman, Senior Vice President at TEAM LEWIS. “Attracting and retaining diverse talent is also critical for the brand proposition of security companies. We hope our findings on women in leadership in DC’s top-funded security companies provides more fuel for discussions across the industry.”

TEAM LEWIS’ findings track with general women leadership statistics, but clearly show more needs to be done to ensure women are adequately represented and given growth opportunities in cybersecurity. Some of the key findings include:

  • Nine out of 10 companies have at least one woman in a leadership position.
  • Overall, women account for 7 percent of all C-Suite and board of directors positions across all 10 companies.
  • The highest representation of women is 30 percent at one company, with women holding three of the 10 senior leadership positions.

The LEWIS Cybersecurity Marketing Engagement Index report follows the release last month of the inaugural LEWIS Global Marketing Engagement Index™, a marketing analysis of the world’s 300 largest public companies. To view the full Cybersecurity MET analysis, visit

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