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January 30, 2018



With the rapid growth of voice search and mobile, marketers could be missing out on a massive strategic opportunity. Now that we’re a month into 2018, it’s time to explore what’s new in paid media. If you love staying ahead of the curve and you’re willing to explore and test uncharted territory to improve your accounts, you’re in the right place.


First, some crazy stats:

  • 40% of adults now use voice search 1x per day
  • 60% of people using voice search started in the last year, 41% started in the last 6 months
  • 1 in 2 use voice technology on their smart phones, 1 in 3 voice technology users use it daily

Here are a few PPC predictions for 2018:

Voice search prediction:

  • Marketers will spend more time reviewing how their brand appears when voice searches are executed.

Mobile predictions:

  • Advertisers will see increased mobile traffic in 2018, but most will also see engagements wane unless they are focused on optimizing their mobile experience on-site.

AdWords targeting prediction:

  • Marketing professionals will begin testing new targeting types in their AdWords accounts in order to find efficiencies or new prospects.

Want more? Watch our PPC webinar recap to learn about:

  • Voice search and 2018 predictions on voice search
  • More on mobile growth
  • Expanded, more-precise targeting offered in Google AdWords and 2018 predictions on targeting
  • Our take on the new AdWords interface


About the host:

Jennifer (Johnstone) Lopez is a thought leader and digital marketing  expert with experience across many biddable media  channels – including paid search, shopping,  comparison engines and more. As Global Director of Biddable Media at LEWIS, Jennifer heads up both the biddable and SEO departments. Recently named Search Marketer of the year by Search Engine Land and UCF 30 under 30 Winner, Jennifer has experience working with Google’s B2B brands, managing numerous B2C and B2B domestic and international brands, and contributing content to leading industry sites and blogs.


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