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Allianz x Judith Noordzij


As one of the largest insurance companies, Allianz feels a great social responsibility to assist Dutch entrepreneurs and encourage them to be able to do business to the full. And you can only do business fully if everything in life is balanced: entrepreneurship, relaxation, and mental and physical health. Allianz believes it is important to help entrepreneurs with this and to give them inspiration and tools to be able to go ‘all-in’ everywhere. Allianz wants to approach the target group in a sympathetic and personal way, with content that is relevant and confirms Allianz’s role as highly knowledgeable in the field of entrepreneurship.



Allianz joined forces with Judith Noordzij, author, independent entrepreneur and experienced expert in the field of burnouts. Judith touches the heart of the target group with her experience and profile. She is self-employed, has experience in having and overcoming burnout and wrote a book about how this made her who she is today (“I was a lawyer. Now I am myself.”). In addition, she is currently active as a coach and speaker to help entrepreneurs and others with their daily challenges in the field of work, relaxation and physical and mental health.


Judith goes all-in

In the campaign “Judith goes all-in”, recognizable challenges for entrepreneurs were opened and the barriers that make the topics hard to talk about were removed. We consciously opted for a mix of resources to reach entrepreneurs in different ways and with multiple types of manageable content. All the content was hosted or written by Judith, and the stories were told in her authentic way.


The campaign was live from April 2019 to December 2019.  

The videos, blogs and podcasts are used in such a way that at least two new resources were pushed every month that complemented and reinforced each other in terms of subject. Because of this, the campaign continued to innovate and inspire throughout the year and we safeguarded relevance and visibility in the long term. 

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