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Athena Racing


San Diego



Community Causes

Driving change and success


Athena Racing provides young girls with a solid foundation of life skills presented through a STEM-focused curriculum to advance careers in the male-dominated automotive, motorsport and transportation industries. Athena Racing provides an online program with specialized training in workshops and camps to provide knowledge and exposure to all transportation fields. 

Why It Matters

Women in the workforce have been disproportionately impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is more important now than ever to support women’s educations and careers. As an automotive marketing agency, TEAM LEWIS is proud to support Athena Racing and their mission of education through our Causes program. 

“As a woman who works alongside B2B tech and automotive brands, I have faced my own insecurities in feeling confident in the subject areas. Partly, because I didn’t have a formal education in these areas and also because of the stigma placed on women in these spaces (women not being “knowledgeable” enough in these subject areas). Additionally, as a woman in these spaces, there is also a level of “imposter syndrome” or “fear” as it is a male-dominated industry. Safe spaces for women and young girls in the STEM industries is important in being able to build confidence and create an equitable environment. This has led to my interest in advocating for girls and women who are breaking into these spaces. Athena Racing was introduced to me by a friend and I immediately fell in love with the organization’s mission to foster an environment for young girls to have access to the tools they need to be successful, confident and comfortable in the transportation industries.”

– Noelle Conrad, Digital Marketing Specialist at LEWIS


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