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Blueprint for All





Community Causes

Fighting for equal rights and opportunities for those from Black, Asian and minority ethic backgrounds.


The Blueprint for All charity was set up in 1993, following the death of Stephen Lawrence, who was killed in an unprovoked racist attack in London. From this, the charity was born to fight for equal rights and opportunities for all. Blueprint for All works with people aged between 13-30 to provide career advice and support gaining skills and qualifications and enable them to seek professional success. In addition to this, the charity runs programmes that support community groups working with people from BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds to maximize their impact and make positive changes for local people. To further support start-ups and budding entrepreneurs, Blueprint for All offer space at the Stephen Lawrence Centre, offering affordable working and event space. All profits are reinvested back into Blueprint for All. All of the charity’s work links back to providing opportunities to disadvantaged communities.

Why It Matters:

Due to globalisation, the world we live in has become more connected and cosmopolitan than ever before. However, far too often this is not reflected in society. This diversity isn’t filtering through to the people we are represented by, the workplaces we spend our days in and, more broadly, the way people are treated. In Western countries that pride themselves on freedom and opportunity, there’s a huge number of people excluded from this very right. It’s crucial that we support charities and movements which seek to address this problem. Everybody should be provided with the opportunity to succeed in life. Denying people that right based on the color of their skin, gender, sexuality or anything other than their ability is unacceptable. Blueprint for All seeks to break down those barriers and that is why it deserves our support. Find out more here. – Henry Blears , Account Executive, LEWIS UK.



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