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Career Ready UK





Community Causes

Giving young people the opportunity to excel


Career Ready UK explains “It’s our mission to boost social mobility by empowering young people and giving their talents a platform to flourish from. We work with young people, schools, and colleges who face barriers in education and employment which cause their talents to often go undiscovered.

Through our employer-led programs we provide young people with a network of support, workplace experiences, and insights into the world of work, helping them to kick-start their futures. By prioritizing schools, colleges, and young people who need our support the most, we’re able to make a difference where it truly matters.”


Why It Matters

Social Mobility charities are important to the PR industry, as the industry is still lacking in diversity of social backgrounds. According to the The State of PR Report (CIPR 2019) more than a quarter (28%) of respondents said they had attended a fee-paying school. This is four times higher than the national UK average of 7%. TEAM LEWIS is thrilled that we could help to align with the demographic of the UK by supporting Career Ready and providing an insight into the opportunities within the PR industry that may not be available to some young people.

“Career Ready is a great charity that exists to close the gap in the ‘career’ knowledge of those who face many barriers in society. I personally know the impact that such a scheme can have on someone, as I was lucky enough to take part in a similar program which led to me being the first member of my family to go to university and gave me more knowledge of the career options available.”  – Chloe Hodgson, People Partner at TEAM LEWIS UK.

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