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Community Causes

Helping Refugees Start a New Life


CEAR (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado / Spanish Comission for helping refugees) was founded in 1979, with the objective of defending refugees and migrant people‘s rights. In the last 12 years alone, they have helped around 430,000 people. Currently, they have different reception centers where they offer accommodation, as well as psychology and legal assistance to refugees.

They also help the refugees find homes and jobs. For that, they develop several initiatives and projects around the whole Spanish territory, having their main office in Madrid. In addition, they have an area dedicated to trigger normative and institutional changes, through Public Affairs campaigns that target governments, institutions, political parties, and parliamentary groups.

Why it Matters:

Last year there were 26 million refugees around the world. People had to leave their homes and look for another place to live. Millions of adults and children are fleeing from their countries because of wars, harassment, or other reasons. They are people of different ages, nationalities, genders, ideologies, and sexual identities who are paying the consequences of global problems.

During these times, these families have to live in unsafe and dangerous conditions; dealing with pain, loss, and suffering. TEAM LEWIS supports CEAR through the Causes program in order to help them in their mission to provide relief for refugees. Their efforts mean thousands of men, women, and children have the opportunity to start a new life, being part of an inclusive society.

‘That is the sad reality for refugees. Each year, millions of people flee from violence, wars, or harassment. Just for being who they are, just for belonging to their hometown. Thanks to the work of CEAR, these people can find in Spain a place where they can start a new life.’ Irene Siles, Senior Account Executive, TEAM LEWIS Madrid

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