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Dierenambulance Amsterdam





Community Causes

Saving Animals in Need


Dierenambulance Amsterdam‘s mission is to provide first aid and transportation to sick and injured pets, strays, and wildlife, such as swans, hedgehogs, and foxes. They do this following reports from individuals in the public or on behalf of the police and fire departments.

Why It Matters:

Animals cannot help each other, but we can help them.

‘My love for animals is great, so I like to do my part to make the world a little more beautiful. The Dierenambulance Amsterdam is run 90% by volunteers who work 24/7 for animals in medical distress. Their help is indispensable for animals and people in the Dutch capital.’ – Shileen Ligtelijn, Account Executive, TEAM LEWIS Amsterdam.

Thanks to Dierenambulance Amsterdam’s efforts, the animals get the help they often desperately need. They pick up the affected animals and make sure that the animals that are still alive get the treatment they need.

But they go even further, because in Amsterdam more and more animals fall prey to plastic waste. Often, animals become entangled in plastic or worse, digest it. Many animals do not survive this. The efforts of this charity mean we are helping to create a clean city for both animals and people!

Image source: June 21 Dierenambulance Amsterdam Magazine
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