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East Coast Corgi Rescue





Community Causes

Saving as many corgis as possible


The East Coast Corgi Rescue (ECCR) is based out of the Washington, D.C. area and works to locate, rescue and transport, foster and adopt corgis and corgi mixes. The organization does not consider themselves a shelter, but a group of volunteers who facilitate re-homing and adoption of corgis in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Virginia. Their overall goal is to save as many corgis as possible. This rescue also includes an educational section on its website with information on corgi breeders, puppy mills, pet stores and training.

Melissa Terzis started the EECCR when her two beloved corgis passed away in 2017 and she realized how many dogs needed help. She wanted to create an organization that found corgis and corgi-mixes the right homes with owners who understand the breed and would love them forever.

The ECCR works closely with the Corgwyn Rehabilitation Sanctuary (CRS) in Iowa where they consider themselves, “a lifeline for last-chance corgis.” The CRS work to rehab and retrain troubled corgis, so they can find their forever homes, and, if that is not possible, they provide long-term care and sanctuary. They do not aim to just rehome, but to mend the spirits of corgis who come from troubled pasts.

Why It Matters

This organization runs on a collective effort to save corgis. The ECCR team depends on the help of transports (people who drive all over the east coast to save corgis), the foster homes and parents, adoption applicants and their many volunteers. It is an excellent example of how people can come together to help animals who can’t help themselves. LEWIS is proud to support ECCR through its causes program.

Anyone who knows me will vouch that I am a longtime corgi-lover and recently made my dreams come true by becoming a corg-mom to my son Otto. I was a passionate supporter of the ECCR before, but after getting a corgi of my own I find it truly unimaginable how anyone could treat this breed (or any breed) with anything but love and care. All dogs deserve a caring home that provides them with an environment that leaves them feeling safe and stimulated, and the ECCR is doing this for hundreds of corgis up and down the East Coast. The more support and donations they receive, the more corgis and corgi mixes they can save!

– Julianne Cavanaugh, Senior Account Executive at LEWIS 

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