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Hospis Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur


Elevating Palliative Care


Hospis Malaysia was established in 1991 and is spearheaded by two doctors and a nurse with prior knowledge of how hospices in countries with developed healthcare systems worked, and how it has benefitted people with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer.  

In line with Malaysia’s increasing focus on advocacy for greater accessibility to palliative care in the countryHospis Malaysia continues to strengthen its lead position in education and training in palliative care while offering the highest possible quality of palliative care to patients living with life-limiting illnesses in the Klang Valley. Hospis Malaysia is committed to advancing palliative care programs and research with the aim of ensuring that palliative care becomes fully integrated into the country’s health care system. 

Why It Matters

According to the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA), 76% of people who need hospice and palliative care are in developing countries while 18 million of people die in unnecessary pain and distress each year due to their life-limiting illness.  

 These eye-opening statistics calls for a higher level of awareness and education about palliative care. Many are still unaware about palliative care even if they’re suffering from life-limiting illness and may opt to spend their remaining years suffering with no professional help or resort to euthanasia.  

At Hospis Malaysia, its mission is to ensure that every Malaysian is aware of, and has access to palliative care services when the need arises and to enhance the quality of life of patients by assessing their medical, psychological and emotional conditions and treating them accordingly. 

LEWIS supports Hospis Malaysia cause in providing relief and preventing pain and suffering associated with progressive and life-threatening illnesses while ensuring healthcare professionals have the right skills and knowledge in the palliative care practice.

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