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IMC Weekendschool





Community Causes

Giving young people the opportunity to excel


IMC Weekend School Foundation prepares young people for the next steps after school: making choices for their future based on their own talents and interests. The charity’s goal is that young people of all school levels and all social backgrounds can take their place in society with motivation and support.

Through lessons from passionate professional experts, young people broaden their horizons, increase their self-confidence and strengthen their bond with society. IMC Weekend School offers additional education to young people from neighbourhoods in the Netherlands where it is most needed. In the various curricula, we introduce students to subjects from the worlds of culture, science, and society.

Why It Matters:

As a published author, former TEAM LEWIS employee Nick Klaessens was introduced to the marvelous world of IMC Weekend School through a project called ‘Promote Yourself’. The students were very motivated to participate in the exercises and even more creative in their output.

The power of inspiration, motivation, and the right connections can mean the world to young people. The way IMCW connects these soon-to-be professionals to the field experts of now is truly inspiring. It opens the horizon for these ambitious minds. TEAM LEWIS is proud to support IMC Weekend School as part of its Causes program.

“IMC Weekend School is a charity in the heart of the community. It warms my heart to see how the foundation encourages students to approach the world with an open mind, to push boundaries and follow their heart.” Nick Klaessens, former Content Manager, TEAM LEWIS Amsterdam.

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