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Maximizing the sponsorship of the Swiss watchmaker

It isn’t every day a Swiss watch brand becomes the official sponsor of one the world’s most famous soccer teams, FC Barcelona. When it was time for client, Maurice Lacroix to take on the sponsorship of FC Barcelona, we provided a robust media relations strategy for the watch brand, as they closed one of the most important international agreements in their history.

Objectives & Activities 

The campaign objective was to communicate the three-year agreement to the Spanish media to maximize reach and awareness.  

In order to achieve our goal, we organized a two-day press trip with the top 10 Spanish and Catalan lifestyle journalists from Madrid to Barcelona. We also celebrated and explain the importance of the occasion with a press conference attended by 33 journalists from across Spain. Among the other events we held in Barcelona, we invited the journalists to watch a Champions league match in style in a VIP box.  

  • Press conference with 33 top Spanish journalists  
  • More than 60 articles in dailiesfinancial, sports, lifestyle and TV 
  • Increased Maurice Lacroix brand awareness by linking the brand with an elite sport for the first time 



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