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Sporting opportunities for young people with disabilities


Panathlon is a national charity that gives thousands of young people with disabilities and special educational needs every year the opportunity to take part in competitive sport. Panathlon reaches out to schools up and down the country, giving participants the opportunity to represent their school in sporting competitions that they are so often otherwise denied from.
The competitive pathway begins with local events, leading to county, regional, divisional, and finally national finals at prestigious Olympic and Paralympic venues. Their events which include activities such as swimming, football, boccia, and ten-pin bowling have had a transformational impact on participants’ skills, self-esteem, confidence, health, and wellbeing.

Why It Matters

‘Panathlon is a wonderful foundation that offers fantastic sporting opportunities and support to many young people with disabilities and impairments. Having previously volunteered at their events, I have witnessed first-hand the enjoyment, excitement, positivity, and inspiration that the events provide the young people. My family has worked closely with the foundation for a number of years as my dad is one of the Panathlon representatives in Wandsworth, meaning this charity is very close to my heart.

Panathlon collaborates with a number of schools up and down the country but would like to expand further into more schools in underprivileged areas. The donation from TEAM LEWIS Foundation will provide the schools with much-needed equipment for them to practice their events as the children return to school.

Enabling children with disabilities the opportunities to compete as others would is so important to me and I am admire everything the foundation does.’Ella Miller, Office Coordinator of Operations, TEAM LEWIS London.


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