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The Roparun is a relay race of over 500 kilometres from Paris and Bremen to Rotterdam, where teams of eight, take part to raise money for those living with cancer. The money collected during the Roparun is allocated by the Palliative Care board to institutions, causes or projects that contribute to the Roparun mission such as holidays for people with cancer and their families, workshops in hospitals on how to cope with changes in appearance for those undergoing cancer treatment, organising outings for sick children and their relatives, the development of ‘palliative boxes’, a resource for people in a terminal phase who would like to stay in their own home environment, and equipping hospices with all that they need to build a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Why It Matters

We all know the devastating consequences of cancer and this is especially heartbreaking when children are affected. Roparun is doing great work to support young cancer patients and their beloved ones in incredibly hard times. LEWIS employee Sander van Buuren has been involved with The Roparun since 2003, as a participant of the De Bommelerwaard Runners . The cause supported by Roparun, in supporting young people with terminal cancer, is one that is close to his heart.

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