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Most Successful IPO of the Year

Splunk is the leader in Operational Intelligence (OI) – the ability to analyze automated data in real-time. The media perception, however, was that Splunk was a business intelligence player, with little new to bring to the market. We were called in to take the company through its IPO process.

Our mission: Reposition Splunk as the first big data company to go public.



We mobilized leaders to get in front of the national media elites. We developed a new corporate narrative – Every Company is a Data Company – to show how Splunk was relevant.



The IPO ranked as one of the best ever. The company is now consistently ranked as one of the world’s top ten most innovative companies in big data. The campaign achieved sustained coverage in tier-one business, technology and vertical media outlets with 80% of all coverage focused on big data.​​

We continue to provide support across the US and EMEA, providing coordination around the globe. Highlights include:

  • Securing high-profile award opportunities, including a run in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies
  • Accelerating visibility for the company’s annual conference .conf, with triple-digit coverage in top tier publications in the US, alone. TEAM LEWIS has provided support on-the-ground at the event including running social media
  • From one product launch, web traffic doubled and product signups tripled


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