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Stevenshage Animal Shelter





Community Causes

Stevenshage Animal Shelter


Stevenshage Animal Shelter in the Netherlands rescues and rehomes dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and birds. The shelter takes in stray animals and ensures they receive the care and medical attention they need. They try their best to find the animals owner by advertising on their website and popular Instagram page. The shelter will care for the animals for 14 days before putting them up for adoption. They also offer boarding services for cats, dogs, and birds. As well as caring for animals, the shelter works to raise awareness and educate the community about animal needs. They facilitate social participation and offer work placements, internships, and community service.

Why it matters

The Stevenshage Animal Shelter is doing an excellent job with limited resources and really appreciate any money to support the animals rescued or sheltered. Due to the pandemic, contact and visiting possibilities have been limited so they are struggling with unusually low adoption rates.

Erik Janson, Senior Digital specialist at Team LEWIS explains that, “having two cats I find it really important to raise awareness for local causes like this. An animal isn’t just a temporary thing, it’s a lifetime commitment.”

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