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Stichting De Huiskamer voor Vluchtelingen





Community Causes

A safe place where refugees feel welcome


‘Huiskamer Voor Vluchtelingen’ is an activity center and meeting place for refugees who are in the process of acquiring a residence permit (yet). The organization wants to offer these people a safe place, where they feel welcome and where they are encouraged to be social and creative. Innovative initiatives, projects, and creative and educational activities are on the program every day which help the refugees to develop themselves and regain influence over their own future.

Why It Matters

Refugees make a brave choice when they decide to leave their family, friends, and the country they know behind because it is no longer safe. It is our responsibility to welcome these people, support them and help them to find a place in our country where they feel comfortable, can develop themselves, work, and, most importantly, enjoy life.

The ‘Huiskamer Voor Vluchtelingen’ brings these people together and not only gives them the opportunity to interact with other refugees but also offers perspective by helping them integrate into society. They play an incredibly important role in giving refugees a bright future. A very important task, to which we should all contribute.

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