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Stichting Niels on Wheels





Stichting Niels on Wheels was founded in 2017 to help Niels achieve his goal of participating in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, which has since been postponed to 2021. For Niels to be able to participate, he must be among the top 8 players in the world in the quad category on June 7, 2021. Niels currently ranks 6th and to maintain his position, Niels must continue to play in international tournaments to collect points – these costs are hefty. Financial contribution to the foundation will help fund Niels’ training and travel associated costs and help make his dream come true.

Why It Matters

Niels is the son of a tennis acquaintance of LEWIS employee Ingrid van den Nieuwenhof. At the age of 1, Niels contracted a bacterial infection which led to the amputation of his legs and fingertips. In spite of these circumstances, Niel remained resilient and started playing wheelchair tennis about 6 years ago. His determination and hard work have led him to become the world’s number six.

Niels’ goal is to play in the Paralympics in Tokyo and LEWIS is proud to lend its support and help him achieve this.

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