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The Kitten Sanctuary Singapore 




Rescuing and caring for kittens


Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (or KiSS), is a culmination of rescue work that started in 2005 on the streets of Singapore. KiSS is a registered non-profit Animal Welfare Group run entirely by volunteers. It focuses on education and advocates for lifelong adoption, tolerance and compassion. A collaboration between cat lovers, volunteers and adopters; KiSS leads efforts of rescue, rehabilitation, education & re-homing abandoned/stray Cats and Kittens while building a strong infrastructure for knowledge growth. The charity is focused on building itself as Singapore’s first and only neonatal baby kitten nursery and kitten kindergarten, adoption and learning Facility. To date, KISS has rescued, rehab and rehomed over 1,000 Singapore Specials.

Why it matters

The number of abandoned pets; cats (rabbits and dogs) in Singapore keep rising year on year. COVID in particular has contributed to this as many families find themselves in difficult situations. In spite of rising abandoned cases, there is also a rising number of pets purchased from kitten (or puppy mills).

Organizations like the Kitten Sanctuary go out of their way to save and care for pets who really don’t have a voice in the world we live in. There is much more we can do to help and it all starts with supporting causes such as these.

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