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Supporting Entrepreneurs Worldwide


Wakibi is a microcredit financing platform where individuals can make an investment in a project of their choice. Investments start at only €25 and can be divided among multiple projects of someone’s choice. Wakibi aims to provide a platform to allow individuals and small organizations to gain access to a small loan which they can invest however they see fit.

Wakibi acts as a means to collect money for small businesses or entrepreneurs to start their own business, pay for health care or provide their children with a good education. Through Wakibi over 9,700 lenders have supported more than 74,000 entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide with over €3 million in microcredits.

Why It Matters:

COVID-19 has had a negative financial on people all over the world. Many entrepreneurs found themselves in difficult situations, but where in some countries support came from the government, many economies were hit hard and so many people often fell on difficult times with little or no support. Thus, entrepreneurs were sometimes forced to choose between poverty, hunger, or working in dangerous conditions. By donating to Wakibi, people can support those who might remain unseen in the wake of the pandemic and support them to recover from the economic hits their country took.

With an investment in Wakibi, people can see where your money is spent as they choose the project they want to invest in. This way, they can literally see what their money is spent on rather than donating to a larger corporation which often has one large fund for various projects. This one-on-one way of donating makes for a more personal connection.

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