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Our track record as a tech marketing agency speaks for itself.

We’re experts at executing PR & Integrated campaigns for innovative brands, with more than 70% of our client base operating in a technology vertical.

Whether you’re a tech giant or a startup disrupting the market, we specialize in crafting tailored strategies and innovative campaigns to elevate your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Our mission as a tech marketing agency is to help brands navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology marketing and achieve your business goals with precision and impact. 

Ready to elevate your brand and conquer the tech world? Let’s revolutionize your marketing strategy together.

Make your brand the next big thing!

Our Experience with B2B & B2C Technology Brands

We're the technology marketing agency that:
  • Transformed BlackBerry from a consumer brand to a major B2B technology provider

  • Redefined Schneider Electric’s branding as a leading provider of sustainable, smart-home technology

  • Amplified recognition of Jabra’s brand in crowded consumer tech industry

Maintain Brand Salience

Timing is crucial in every aspect of your business. Our technology marketing strategies strive to make clients relevant in the moments that matter most. By listening to social communities and monitoring for media trends, our teams are expert news handlers ,marketers and storytellers who leverage a variety of tactics to create brand awareness and reach your target audience.

Ready to tackle your daily, quarterly or yearly priorities and challenges? We’re an integrated public relations and marketing team always ideating around big picture campaigns, conducting social listening on behalf of the brand and researching relevant media outlets that will be the perfect fit to tell your unique story.

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How We Can Help:

  • Full-service Digital Marketing and PR for tech products
  • Audit of the Existing Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Account Based Marketing Strategies
  • Lead Generation Via Organic Search & Social Media Channels
  • Omni-channel Planning, Buying, Optimization & Reporting
  • SEO & PPC campaignsg
  • Support with content creation, Email marketing services
  • Integrated Influencer Partnerships
  • Mapping buyer's journey, Keyword Research & Data Analytics

What We Do Best:

  • Audit and optimization of your marketing performance
  • Generate qualified leads via inbound marketing
  • Execute across verticals, from startups to global enterprises
  • Work with speed and agility, shifting gears quickly to meet your needs
  • Manage relationships with clients across +25 global markets
  • Anticipate and prepare for economic trends impacting your business
  • Content marketing strategy that drives traffic and sales on your website
  • Develop engaging marketing and public relations campaigns to enhance technology companies’ brand visibility

Transcending Categories to Reach a New Audience

Data-driven marketing strategy links BlackBerry’s new vision with major industry trends, reporter’s notebooks. 

BlackBerry engaged TEAM LEWIS to increase market awareness around its corporate refocus: a move away from device hardware and into cybersecurity. The marketing campaign leveraged data and research, tying BlackBerry’s revamped brand to security-industry trends, yielding quality and consistent media coverage from leading security reporters. Connecting BlackBerry with its target audience delivered exceptional results.


- 250+ unique articles appearing in global markets in first week of release

- Tier-one coverage appearing in global outlets including Fortune, Business Insider, Morning Brew, Washington Post and Forbes

- Repeated / long tail coverage of results seen in key IT and security outlets including CSO, Forbes, VentureBeat and ZDNet amongst others

- 4,200 global articles in one year

Reimagining a B2B Tech Leader as a Consumer Electronics Maven

Timely campaign shines media spotlight on company’s evolution and excites target audience. 

TEAM LEWIS successfully reshaped the image of Schneider Electric as a trusted B2B technology voice, into an industry thought leader for consumer smart-home technology. Our tech marketing efforts honed the launch of Schneider’s groundbreaking home energy management platform at CES, TEAM LEWIS reimagined the brand’s ethos for an entirely new audience.


 - 76 pieces of global coverage regarding their presence and performance at CES

 - 257+ Pieces of compelling content

 - 3,600 TV and radio airings for Carley Knobloch’s media tour, the host and founder of Digitwirl, a web show designed to help busy women discover technology that "just works.”

Our expertise in strategic PR and digital marketing campaigns can drive exceptional growth for your tech brand in a competitive market. Discover how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and propel your company to new heights.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Tech Marketing Agencies


We're a technology marketing agency with expertise in integrated marketing and communications. With 25+ offices around the world, our technology marketing campaigns, for clients and causes, span the globe. No matter the time zone, language or task at hand – we're a company with the experience and expertise to drive growth & deliver impactful tech marketing campaigns for your business.

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