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Having an effective business continuity plan is crucial in uncertain times, and marketing and communications can play an important role in issues management by taking control, reducing risk, and driving businesses forward. Social and operational disruptions, epidemic outbreaks, strikes and general global uncertainty can all pose a threat to businesses, and it’s up to communications teams to ensure that threat is minimised.

Through careful planning, effective communications and proactive utilisation of appropriate marketing technologies, your organisation can continue to operate effectively. Stakeholder reassurance, knowledge of alternative communication channels and a grip on market share will all need to be carefully managed by communications teams.

“At LEWIS, we recognise the immediate impact of threats and risk, and have the experience & tools across industries and markets to ensure your team has everything it needs to keep your business operating.”

Jorge López M-C, SVP Iberia & EMEA Client Engagement



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As a global agency we offer dedicated business continuity marketing services that can help your team overcome any crisis. You can read more below.


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Business Continuity Marketing: How we can help?

As a multi-market agency, we understand how both global and local threats can cause concern and panic, particularly amongst stakeholders. But we also know that there is a way to manage these issues and ensure business resilience. By combining traditional approaches and activities with modern technology, we can help your marketing and communications team develop a business continuity solution which reduces risk and offers solutions.


We can focus on the following key areas:


Stakeholder confidenceensuring both internal and external stakeholders feel the organisation is prepared and responsive through various tactics. We will assist in managing the concerns of staff, customers, and other stakeholders.

Maintaining market shareunderstanding the current market and carefully monitoring competitor activity is important in maintaining marketing share, and even gaining competitive advantage, during an operational or social threat.

Utilising technologyverified social platforms, ecommerce sites, video conferencing and webinars are all important tools when a crisis hits. We will help find solutions for any marketing issues or concerns.

Sensitivity in communicationsusing the right language, at the right time, is crucial for crisis communications during difficult times. We have high standards when it comes to crisis management communications, so we’ll carefully manage the whole process.

Our international experience

LEWIS has been working with B2B and B2C businesses across the world for 25 years. During that time, we’ve worked with a variety of industries to ensure appropriate business continuity management when the going gets tough. We have high standards when it comes to business continuity, and our crisis management experts can help manage and secure robust solutions.

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Offices & Awards around the world

Each of our 27 offices has a team of local experts who are ready to utilise their experience, no matter what the threat to business may be. Our team includes ex journalists, designers, developers, content specialists, videographers, marketers, PR, social media, digital and paid professionals.

At LEWIS, we’re ready to provide a quick response, develop a process and solutions, to help manage any threats posed to your business.

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