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We’re not like other PR agencies…

We might have offices around the world, but TEAM LEWIS’s heritage lies firmly in Europe. Founded in London 25 years ago, TEAM LEWIS started life as a PR agency providing clients with expert public relations throughout EMEA. With 12 offices across all the major cities in Europe, we have the skills to service customers in six languages and have a deep understanding of local markets.

Many of the PR strategies we run are integrated campaigns that go beyond traditional media relations. We have found that our clients recognise the convenience of having one team on the ground that can support not only earned media, but also owned and paid, and amazing visual content. We remove the hassle of coordinating multiple agencies and put the focus on impactful campaigns with an elite marketing strategy that resonates with European audiences.

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What Makes Us Different From Other PR Firms?

We’re not like other PR agencies. We’re a global creative marketing agency with a whole range of digital services to boost your communications in other areas. Public relations firms tend to focus on earned media, but we do more than that. Our digital specialists can enhance your brand and business with numerous marketing services in a cost-effective way. In this growing market, brands need several touchpoints to achieve success, and we can support you in reaching them. From paid media to content creation to brand reputation, we are ready for any marketing challenge you’ve got.

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Experience in B2B and B2C across an array of industries: Over the past 27 years TEAM LEWIS has gained plenty of experience in European PR. In fact, around 30% of TEAM LEWIS campaigns are now pan-european or International PR campaigns. Some of our most recent international campaign work includes brands such as, BlackBerry, Jabra, Google, Deliveroo, Zumba Fitness and HEMA.

We’ve learnt that a hub team is vital for every international campaign as it ensures the client has a single point of contact for Europe. The hub function can be placed in any office the client chooses, ideally in the location where the client’s EMEA headquarters is based. Regular contact with local TEAM LEWIS agencies in other markets is, of course, also possible. Whatever suits the client’s set-up or structure best.

“We have been working with TEAM LEWIS across eight countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium) for more than 12 years. Thanks to their global hub team, we have been driving better synergies and outcomes, through the definition of processes, re-use of ideas/content and exchange of best practices. And for me, that means I have one central team to talk to, rather than eight individual countries, which saves me a lot of time.”

Claudia Lanzinger, Director Media Communications EMEA, SIEMENS Digital Industries Software

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We’re not just a PR Agency in Europe…

We offer content marketing services across a global marketing agency team of experts. We have 25 offices around the world, with a dedicated managing director, all executing content marketing efforts and content strategies for clients. Our regional HQs are San Francisco, London, Munich and Singapore. Our clients span the globe. And, so do our campaigns. No matter the timezone, language or task at hand – we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

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