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Samuel Dean

Published on

August 28, 2018



Communications has changed. It is no longer enough to offer your clients or prospects just one service, we must now be able to plan, execute and deliver integrated campaigns that deliver proven results across the board.

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Even during my relatively short time in the industry, I have witnessed the evolution of traditional PR agencies becoming experts across a range of services and products. Realistically, however, this only works if you take a truly integrated approach to your comms strategy. But this is easier said than done.

As an example, this gives an insight into the broad range of services that LEWIS (which began life 23 years ago as a PR agency) is now able to offer clients:

Analytics & Insight

Analyst relations


AI / AR / VR

Audience definition


Affiliate marketing

Design / UX


Corporate comms

Content marketing


Business transformation

Executive profiling




Influencer relations

Direct mail campaigns


Messaging & Positioning

Issues & crisis management

Design & copywriting

Social, paid & influencer

Global comms strategy

Media relations

Marketing automation

Video & photography

International HUB

Speaking engagements

Sales enablement

Web & app development

This is not an exhaustive list.  As someone who received a degree in PR and chose to specialize in B2B tech, the transition from running a ‘bread and butter’ press office to becoming a ‘jack of all trades’ could be a daunting prospect. But the reality is that each tool and service allows you to tell your clients’ stories in a unique and imaginative way.

The mission is the same: communicate a message. What excites us at LEWIS is that we have the team and the skills to do this in new and genuinely interesting ways.

The creative imperative

For instance, fusing PR with creative allows us to newsjack more effectively – at speed, but while also adding value by sharing creative assets. Whether this is an infographic supporting  an expert comment, or a visualization of the latest ransomware attack for a picture story, utilizing all the tools at our disposal turns the ordinary into real creative storytelling. The journalist gets a unique piece of content, while our clients gain an asset that can be used across multiple channels such as social media, sales and marketing.

<img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-2657″ src=”×176.png” alt=”Beyond the press release” width=”300″ height=”176″ />

Understanding the tools

Each member of the LEWIS team has his or her area of personal expertise, but understanding what everyone is capable of across the agency gives us the confidence to implement the right tools at the right time.

We recently introduced virtual reality as a service here in the UK. Generally speaking, producing VR content is not a skill a PR specialist would have in their locker – but understanding what its capabilities are and what we can do for our clients with the technology arms us with another way to bring our clients’ messages to life.

This is why every member of the PR team has now undergone internal training sessions on the benefits and drawbacks of VR, the services we can offer, the process of turning concept into reality – and many ‘goggles-on’ demos of what the creative team have already produced. The same training process happened when the agency launched 3D animation services earlier in the year.

As trusted consultants to our clients, it is up to us to give the best advice and counsel. And while additional tools can provide huge benefits when used for the right reasons, they only work if there is a good story to tell.

Each medium has its place and only by becoming a truly integrated agency that listens to client demand can we offer the best service and bring stories to life – while always generating tangible results.

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